Monday, December 14, 2015

God be With You Til We Meet Again..................In a few days!!!

Its so crazy weird to me that this is the last email I will be sending to you all from Hong Kong. This week has been really touching to see the people's Christ like care for little Sister HA. I wouldn't have guessed I would make such amazing friendships here all the way across the world. They are not just friendships though, they are made eternal through the goal and purpose that we each hold; to become like Christ. I am so so so blessed to have worked with them all and really could feel and see their love for me yesterday at church after I was able to get up and give my testimony. 

I don't really know what to write in this last email but maybe I can share some of the few simple things I have learned on my mission. First, I have been grateful to see that Heavenly Father's children that live all the way across the world from me are still Heavenly Father's children and they have the same hopes and needs and worries that I have. I have learned that we are happiest when we forget about ourselves; those that lose their lives in service of others and put others' happiness before theirs' in behalf of the Savior, will find their life and will more easily see the hand of God in their lives. I have learned that this gospel and this church is Christ's true church and His teachings brought back in its fullness and that Joseph Smith literally saw Christ and our Father in Heaven and was called by them to be a prophet and revelator to translate the Book of Mormon, a compass to guide our lives and answer our prayers. I know without a doubt that the Savior is real. I know He lives and the wonderful gospel He has given is a way for us to fully partake of the blessings from His Atonement that He performed while here on the Earth. Its almost as if it is still being performed because we can be active in receiving its strength every day. Basically, I'm just a really lucky missionary to have come to the beautiful land of Hong Kong to realize the beautiful blessings of the Gospel.:)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Thank you all for your emails and pictures. It has been a pretty good week. We gave our Zone Training Meeting last Friday and it wasn't as organized or as fulfilling as we had hoped for, but it was still good and I think helped the elders and sisters look forward to sharing the gospel during Christmas season.

 I've been really blessed this week to be able to give last testimonies. Last night all the departing missionaries spoke at a fireside and it was super fun and cool to see everybody and how they've changed. We were only supposed to give a two minute testimony but I think mine was five. haha oops. It was just really neat and fun to be up sharing experiences and I felt the gift of tongues so strongly like I could just be up for an hour speaking fluent Chinese. It was actually kind of weird in the moment just realizing that I was up on a stand in China speaking fluent Chinese and making an audience of Asians laugh at my jokes. I shared about how difficult it was to come out and how I told you two to come pick me up at the airport haha but how I was grateful you didn't and about meeting the handicapped girl and praying with her. It was really so fun and people came up to me afterwards to thank me for some of the things I said they needed to hear.
Our investigators are doing well. Sister _____ is so stinkin cute. She literally tells everyone she meets about how it was God's plan that one day that we found her in the park with her dog. and how I came back to Kwai Fong. She fasted with us yesterday for her first husband who died last year to meet the missionaries in the spirit world. Wow, I was pretty impressed with how she thought that through actually. And then in sacrament meeting almost all of the testimonies born were about the plan of salvation and we could tell she totally felt the spirit. My bishop told me to persuade her to get baptized before I leave, but I don't know.   However, tomorrow she set up a time that her and her husband will be out to lunch and we can accidentally swing by to eat with them.
Sister ______ is doing well. She has really changed and is becoming more humble. We can see the spirit working with her. She is also slowly starting to make more friendships in the ward with the sisters. ____ has started taking lessons from the elders so that should help. hopefully.
I'm trying to give me all the last time but its sometimes really hard like sometimes I don't even realize that I am thinking about coming home like its always in the back of my mind.
I can't even wait to see you guys. I think I might even be a little too excited. I will definitely tell my ward members how grateful you are for them and bear my testimony next week in sacrament meeting. I already bought the magnets and ornament haha and other souvenirs.
Did you guys know Jack is gettin' hitched?

Monday, November 30, 2015

Firstly thanks for the pics. You guys look all grown up! Hopefully I recognize you when I get home.
 We've had quite the round of events this week. Starting off with a flooded apartment! Remember when my apartment in college flooded and we had to live in a hotel for three days the week before finals? haha I thought I heard Sister Taylor doing the dishes for an unusually loooong amount of time one morning went in to find out our whole bathroom floor was flooded and water was spraying out of the water hose under the sink. Within like thirty seconds half our apartment floor had been covered. haha that is how small the apartments are. I needed to act fast! haha so grabbed the pipe and the water hose and held them together for literally almost half an hour while doing the Asian squat. haha the water pressure was so high and I was praying really hard the whole time to HF to give me more arm strength because my arms were shaking like jello. bwaha. Prayer works! Finally the elders came over and the repair man found the water button thing. So we spent hours mopping the water back into buckets. It was fun. I will send a pic.
Our investigator Sister ____ is doing incredibly well! She really likes reading the BOM and has been super active in church meetings and activities. We are so excited for her!! ______, on the other hand has not been answering our phone calls:( Don't know why but please pray for her.

My favorite part of the week was teaching our less active Sister ____ who is from Thailand. She is the cutest most humble little lady you'd ever meet! She wants to come back to church but works at a Thai restaurant and has to work on Sundays. She says that she doesn't want to switch jobs because at the previous restaurants she has worked at she gets "teased" (don't know how to say it in English) for not knowing Chinese characters. But our lesson with her was so spirit filled and I could really feel HF leading Sister Taylor and I and the member in helping Sister ____ realize her faith to come back. After that, her  husband Mr. ____ offered to show us the way to a members house that we didn't know how to get to. He is quite a character but he likes the missionaries and always welcomes us to his home. 
Yes, we had thanksgiving dinner both as a zone and as a ward. They were both really great and super fun to think of ideas for the zone missionaries.
We met a really great family from Thailand the other day and taught them in their home. A mom and son _____ and ______. It was really such a tender mercy to meet the son because we had forgotten the time of the appointment and had to run all the way to her house. We found just her son home and stood at the door talking to him unto his mom got home then taught the both of them about the plan of happiness and families. They were really receptive. Pray for them pplease!
See you soon and can't wait!
Sister Hadley

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This is an old pic of the mission under Pres. Hawks but I thought we would throw it in so you can see the size of the mission

Thanks for all the pics and emails! I am so excited to see you guys in real life haha.

This week we've had some super great progressing investigators. _____ is doing well, she just can't wake up for church, but she has been reading and praying (she has been replacing her name in the book of Mormon like we invited her to and loves it!). Besides her, we have another investigator that I don't think I've told you about. Her name is Sister ____. A single mom in her early sixties. She lives with her daughter and was almost baptized into another Christian church until they basically almost pushed her into the font haha. She is actually a referral from another member.She is suuuuper golden and also loves the BOM is reading and praying everyday. And comes to church every week. She has a baptismal date for the 17th of January.
Along with her, we have another new investigator, _____, who is also a referral! She is a single mom of a 9 year old boy. While talking to her on the phone, she said she was looking for more direction in her life. We met with her and her friend and she is super prepared as well! Sister Taylor and I are soooo blessed.

I forgot to tell you then I listened last week to the endowment session in Cantonese. It was so cool!

This week we went on exchanges with another set of sisters. I was with the new missionary that is waiting for her visa to Cali. She is a native and it was fun to be with the new excitment of a greenie.

Uncle Alan sent me a really nice email. He has been super supportive my whole mission actually.  it made me really happy:

Scripture of the week:
Alma The Younger's conversion story. I love 36:17 because it reminds us that no effort is wasted. Because Alma's father continuously taught him about Christ and The Atonement, even when he didn't think his son was listening or even as he pulled further and further away from the truth, when Alma the younger was at his lowest of lows, he remembered what his dad had been telling him about "A Son of God" and he starts to cry out to Christ to save him from the frightening and heavy state he is in. It is a good reminder that even the little ways we share the gospel could be of great use to someone one day that they have no where else to turn. So keep spreading the gospel through the awesome light of Christ that you guys carry!

I love you all and am sooo excited to see you again. 
Sista Ha

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Firstly, thank you so much for all your emails this week. They made me laugh, then cry, then laugh again. It sure would be a lot easier to not be excited to come home if you guys weren't so stinking awesome:) This week has been super fun and full of little small miracles! 

______ accepted a baptismal date for the 20th of December. It's a few days after I get home but Sis Tay says she will send some awesome pics.

We sang in sacrament this week. All four missionaries and Sister Taylor and I sang with a random girl on the street this week so that was fun too.

We had exchanges and Sister Stromberg came here to Kwai Fong. It was so much fun.

I have really felt extra happy this week and just very blessed. Heavenly Father has just given me the absolutely most perfect situation and area and comp to complete my mission. So grateful for that.

Miracle of the week: 
We were walking back to the church in the rain and I saw a beautiful tall girl with red hair. I felt that I really needed to talk to her but didn't really know what to say so I just yelled "Hey, I like your hair!" haha she stopped and talked to us and we ended up giving her a great tour of the chapel. She is a model from mainland china and wants to bring her husband and friend next time. Her name is _______ and I'm so grateful i listened to the spirit on that one cause she is super prepared!

In the celestial room this morning I asked HF to guide me to a scripture that could help me know how to serve my last month and feel that my work is being accepted. He led me right to D&C 124:16-20. If you replace the names it was the most perfect answer. I especially love the last line. He spoke straight through the scriptures to me!! So cool.

I love you all and I can't wait to see you in one month!
Thank you for your love and encouragement. Have a happy Thanksgiving
Sista Ha

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sister Center Mids.  I wish they had a soccer ball at their feet.

Sister Hadley receiving her brother's GQ "Blue Steel" pose school pic.  She is doing the same pose back.

We've had a pretty eventful week here in the land of promise. We have a new investigator who is super goolden. It is the teenage girl _____ that I may have mentioned in the last email. She is super awesome and has accepted the invitation to be baptized! We had a super powerful lesson on the restoration after attending English class so please pray for _______!
little _______________ ended up not getting baptized:( He had a big test today and felt pretty stressed about interviews and baptism and homework and everything so he just told us he was not ready. I felt really bad because while talking to him over the phone he told me that he felt like everyone was forcing him to be baptized. So i've needed to repent for that:( I just want it for him so badly.) However, it was basically the cutest thing in the whole world singing "I am a Child of God" with him over the phone. Please pray for ______ and to help me know what his concerns are.
Something cool that I have learned this week while talking to Sister Taylor about it a lot is just something really simply but profound to rediscover often. I've really learned that the gospel and Jesus Christ to each one of us holds a different meaning. Sometimes I think that I am strange for thinking of certain parts of the gospel or Christ's Atonement differently than others think of it. But that is why and how it applies to each one of HF's children. He doesn't expect us to think the same and have the same views and opinions but to rather find, pull out, and cherish the parts that mean most to us and have relevance to the personal experiences he has given to us. President Lam told me that we each need to find our own sacred grove and I think that comes when we think more often about what parts mean the most to us and accepting that if our own way of thinking about those parts of the gospel make us happy, gain hope, and become a better person, then it is truly from the spirit.
Lately I've been pondering on just what I can do more to really end my mission the way Heavenly Father wants me to and how I can better fulfill my missionary purpose. 

Thank you for all your emails and support.
Mom thank you for that little treadmill story I need to apply that more.
This weeks FUNNY: I was leaving a voicemail for a member when all of a sudden Sister Taylor screamed in the kitchen.I was so nervous that I forgot what I was doing and thought that I was praying so to end the message I just said "I love you" and hung up the phone. bwahaha It was just a cockroach.
Love you all. You are in my prayers.
PPS had a dream last night that I came home to a huuuuge manshion that you guys had moved into but it wasn't even that fun or no stress, keep it simple haha

Monday, November 2, 2015

This Week in the Land of Promise and Happy Halloween

We finally got our zone training done with and out of the way. It went pretty well and was fun. Weird to be on the other side of things. The New news is that sister Taylor and i will be training a new missionary together. She is a native from HK who is waiting for her visa to leave the country. I'm pretty nervous, but it is a good opportunity for us! We pick her up tomorrow. 

The pictures of HK are from last p-day. Sister and Brother Ho are the nicest and took their free day to tour us around HK. I just love these members here and it is starting to hit me a bit how much I am going to miss them. 

This week Sampster Hampster agreed to do a baptismal interview. He says he wants to get baptized so idk what the hesitation is for. I asked him if the elder tells him he passed what he would decide. He said he would "try it" haha. There are three other children in our ward getting baptized this week so hopefully we can make it four. But I don't want to force him into anything he doesn't want to do. 

This week the missionaries put on a halloween party at our church. It was pretty fun but assigning the elders to make the "fear factor food" was a bad idea. haha. 

Glad to see she still has the Light-Saber chopsticks we sent her.

They decorated oranges because pumpkins are soooo expesive

SISTER ____ GOT CONFIRMED!! haha she was sooo happy and after she got confirmed in sacrament came up to sister Taylor and I to give us a hug. I thought it was going to be a bend down hug (why would I think Chinese people even know what that is?) but nope she basically threw us both up into her arms and gave us the BIGGEST hug I have ever experienced!! haha it was forever too. she just stood their hugging us and crying. Probably the most awkward yet tender moments of my mish. haha. 

Dr. Broadwater emailed me back and basically he just really wants me to focus on my mission while I'm here but said to come in when I get home and we can discuss all my options. 

Y'all look great.  Got your letters mom. Thank you! George you look like mom now. See you NEXT MONTH?!
Sista Ha

PS found a huge lizard/gheko in our bag of cookies bwahaha it was so freaaky

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hey so ends up they actually cancelled mission conference meeting with Elder Nelson:( Don't know why but maybe he doesn't feel well or something. Thank you for your emails. Y'all have been true and faithful my whole mission with that. Means so much to me. This week was full of ups and downs. One of the highest ups was seeing Sister _____baptism. She is literally glowing! It's like looking at a different person and she just seems a lot happier:)) So grateful. Also, we had the opportunity to teach ____ about Joseph Smith last night. He said that one way he can more fully follow Joseph Smith's example is pray and be baptized, however did not really accept the invitation. There is just SOMETHING holding him back and I'm not sure what it is, but I think he has been thinking about it more recently. I sat by him yesterday in Stake Conference because he had no one to sit by him. what a trooper he was to sit through two hours of conference while being sick and tired. I tried to think of what would be most fun for him, so we ended up coloring a picture in the back of the liohona magazine originally meant to be a little girl and her grandma watering flowers and turned it into his grandma and grandpa with mustaches, wrinkles, falling out teeth and huge bees stinging their faces. haha it was fun and helped him forget about how sick he was. No, I didn't get one thing out of stake conference. 

 Lately, I have pondered this question very deeply: How can I more fully and bravely share myself and ideas and talents with also accepting and completely supporting others in their ideas and what they want to do? Its so hard to find this balance. So, yeah, I need to repent because there has been some pressure between us just a little bit. But we talked about it and it is a lot better now.
But, you are so right mom, good thing we have Jesus Christ who makes up for our shortcomings and our flaws. It's all just a choice whether or not we accept that gift he has given us.

Sorry this email isn't that spiritual.
Last week I may have received some revelation or inspiration about living at home this next semester. I just emailed Holladay Orthodontics office and asked if they had any internship/service volunteer opportunities. I remember watching a girl just a year older than me, one of Madi's friends, work as an intern there. That way I could just go to school at SLCC stay home and get some experience as well. Let me know what you think.
Sophia, You are awesome. its just everyone around you is not as awesome. But don't worry I will be back soon for you to rely on my awesomeness.
Dad, way to go!! Brownie point for you in heaven!! Let me know what she emails back
Keep up the good work,
Sister Ha

Monday, October 19, 2015

This week has been chalk full of tender mercies and miracles

This week has been chalk full of tender mercies and miracles with Sister ____and her baptism!!
Sister Taylor and I have seen so much of the Lord's hand in our work recently and He has answered so many of my prayers. I will share two of the most awesome experiences that happened:
Numero uno
Sister Taylor and I were more than (insert your favorite idiom because I'm editing Tessa's) to tell Sister ____ that she needed to stop some of her ancestors worship tendencies before she is able to get baptized.  So we planned a really super solid lesson on how because of Christ's Atonement we don't need to worship God using sacrifices or incense  and all that stuff that they used to do. Rather than we CAN'T He has told us that we don't NEED to. We centered the lesson on giving a broken heart and contrite spirit to Christ as a form of worshipping Him. While we were in the lesson, our members and Sister ____ started going off on different tangents and topics. We were praying so hard to have it back focused in what we had planned to share because it was literally like the do-or-die lesson. I prayed that Heavenly Father would just fill my mouth with the words I needed to say and that was exactly what He did! Seriously all I did was open my mouth and the perfect message came out that was 100% from the spirit and not from me. It was really just so cool to feel the power and authority of my calling in that moment. I've never felt it like that before and my Chinese isn't usually as clear as it came out. A moment I will never forget! After that we had a super awesome spirit filled lesson and resolved concerns.
Numero two-o
This whole week Heavenly Father has just planned perfect little experiences like the one above and many more to tell me that Sister ____ was ready to be baptized. However, something had still been holding me back. I really just wanted to KNOW so badly that she had a testimony of Christ and was getting baptized for that reason. I had been praying for some kind of confirmation of a sort to know that she was good to go. After church yesterday, we just went through the rundown with her about how the meeting will go and all that. She all of a sudden said "You know what's so cool? I was just laying in my bed last night before I went to sleep and just had the most apparent feeling of just how real The Lord Jesus Christ is." I immediately started crying because I had been waiting for her to say something like that for the looongest time. It was such an answer to my prayers. The baptism was great and now we are working on ____ before I leave to Tokyo!:)
Thanks for all your love and prayers and support in behalf of The _____.
Sista Ha

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

So big news is that Sister Taylor and I have been called to be our zone's Sister Training Leaders. Its basically like sister zone leaders kind of.haha we help all the sisters and elders in our zones and do conferences with the two zone leaders. Super fun!! So yes, I will be finishing my mission with sista Tay! Super excited.
Other BIG NEWS is that Sister _____ is getting baptized this Sunday!   In the baptismal interview they ask,  Do you believe God is your eternal Father and do you believe His Son Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world? I want her to gain a testimony of them and have a personal relationship with them. She doesn't quite grasp the idea of Christ's Atonement and how it is evidence that He is God, but then on the other hand she has really recognized how the gospel and coming to church has blessed her life and ___ and how she really wants to build this relationship with God.  I've received a few spiritual confirmations telling me it is going to be okay. (from conference, sister Taylor,....) Sister Taylor told me that she really feels it is the reason I came back to Kwai Fong and she has felt that since she found out we were going to be companions. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Thanks for the package Auntie. 
This week we fasted for Sister ____and ___ twice. The first time was on wednesday and was literally the most sanfu fast I've eva done! haha it reminded me of the emotional breakdowns that fasting would cause me when I was going through puberty! bwahaha I felt like I was gonna die. Maybe that's why they tell us to drink water even while fasting in Hong Kong. haha but it was all worth it because they've made some progression. We've found out that Sister ____ really does have a desire to follow Christ and bless her family with his teachings when we had a lesson on D&C 20:37 about our hearts and desire before baptism. And ___has gone from "Wait til I'm 16." to " I will think and pray about it" He did mention one very key thing that Sister Taylor was able to pull out of him he is nervous that if he gets baptized the relationship between him and his sister and dad will change. But both of them fasted this sunday! So cool! Sister ___ said she was fasting for her family and then her daughter just messaged her from Taiwan saying that she just ran into a couple of sister missionaries and talked a little bit! So cool how fast Heavenly Father answers prayers.Please Pray for them!!

Elder James is an angel that was sent from heaven we got to meet this week in our zone training. He is from Salt Lake City and is a new senior missionary here in Hong Kong. Just about the most Christlike humble person I've ever met. He deals with a very serious tremor in his voice and hands and head that he received when he was 16 years old. He served as a full time missionary in Hong Kong at 20 years old where he met his wife (one of his converts whom he had baptized). During our break between sessions of zone training, I felt prompted to go up and introduce myself and I'm so glad I did!! Every word that comes out of his mouth is just so kind and selfless. He says he sees his serious tremor as a huge blessing Heavenly Father has given him and how it has been used as a tool in his life to love others more. Basically, I will never be as cool as Elder James but I hope that I can become more like him!!

Matt 16:25 is the motto for the last months of my mission. I just so badly want to forget myself and lose myself in the service of others and for their happiness. Any suggestions?
I love you all and you look like youre doing great. We watch conference on sat and sun. SO EXCITED!!!! Did you know two of the new apostles I've already met and talked with in Hong Kong twice with?

See you in a few
Sista Ha

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It has been super hot here the past few days and probably the most humidity I have felt in Hong Kong!  But it has been super fun and have spent a lot of time with our members.
This week we have been finding and giving away lots of prepared people that live in different areas. 

Sister ____ is still sick and we have not seen her:( but we've talked to her on the phone and she just says she doesn't have enough energy or she is not well enough to come to church. Please continue to pray for her.  Please join us in praying for Tessa's investigator who is fighting cancer.
I've been studying Chinese characters lately and am up to 200.
We had two way fun pdays in a row. Both on the island and one of them was traveling with our ward members! sorry too many pics sent

Sister Taylor's birthday was fun. I got up and decorated her desk a bit, bought parfaits (yogurt and berries) because she is eating healthy, and yes dad took your advice on writing her that note. Thanks!

So, not that I am getting trunkie or anything, I just want to let you know what I've been thinking about school a bit lately: What I've just had on my mind a bit is the option of staying at home for a semester and maybe taking some classes at slcc?? Idk what do you think? I just want to spend some time with you guys. Also when do you think I need to start applying?
Spiritual thought for this week: Repentance. to be completely honest, this is something I have been trying to avoid my whole mission but lately Heavenly Father has led me to so many different answers and scriptures that talk about repentance. We instinctively see it as maybe something super painful or as somewhat of a chore, but I've been thinking about the idea of repenting daily as more of something exciting and a way we are more easily able to feel the power of Christ's Atonement. recognizing our weak points and flaws gives us hope for tomorrow and paints a picture of the you that Heavenly Father intends you to become. I'm gonna try it this week. I invite you guys to do it with me!! Its not something to bash on yourself but something that you find throughout the day you can strengthen and do better the next.
I love you all and I can't believe I've got apprx. 2.5 months left before I see you again.
Sista Hads

Monday, September 21, 2015

Potato Noodles
Before I forget, Sister Taylor's birthday is on Sunday. I wonder what I should do? any ideas?
It has been a good week full of teaching and literally running and taking taxis from one point of Kwai fong to the other. One of the best parts of the week was teaching the ____family. They are Mandarin so we need to turn them over to the other sisters but it was really fun to meet them in the tiniest little apartment ever with over ten people inside. The next was not so good news: _____ my former investigator kept telling us when we met with her how she has found her God and he is a lot greater than ours. We tried going about so many different routes to help her understand but she just wouldn't accept it. Well I'm pretty worried for her in the long run but we did try our best. Basically she dropped us but expressed her appreciation for my friendship. Its too bad because ____ and I were real close but she doesn't want to meet with us anymore.
Sister ____ came to church!! I think I may have forgotten to mention that she is recovering from breast cancer they had found a little while ago but is now starting radiation treatment. So it's kind of sanfu for her right now. She is just so kind and sincere but is too scared to talk to her husband about going to church and getting baptized. I'm just really grateful for the miracle of her coming to church! Please pray for her. We have thought of inviting her over to eat dinner with the ____ family whose son is going through some pretty serious type of cancer himself.
I found a huge pile of cocroaches under my mattress this week :) Sister Taylor insisted that we switch beds. so kind.
Miracle of the week: I sat by a LA philippino woman on the bus who hadn't been to church in three years just because she had no clue where it was. She was soo excited to get the addresses from us!!
 I LOVE the people here so much but sometimes don't know how to fully share myself and my true personality with them. I am hoping to start to feel like I can't part ways with hong kong and my mission but it hasn't overcome the happier part of coming home. :(
I love you all. Keep sharing the gospel.
Sista Ha

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I got a haircut!

"I got a new haircut"

We have been so blessed this week with new investigators, referrals, baptismal dates. Sister ___and ___are still set for the 18th of October but of course have their own difficulties and schedules we need to work with. Sister ____ and ___ we haven't taught this week, although they came to church. we are excited to teach them soon about Joseph Smith and how he can be their great example of taking truths he had learned growing up and acting on them. We are excited to show her how the gospel can more fully enhance the principles she has already treasured and made a part of her life by learning about other religions. ___ needs so many prayers because she is sooooo ready to have the gospel in her life and has such sincere real intent.

Sometimes Sister Taylor and I get kind of stressed over all the things we are missing or just running back and forth from. This week has been a lot better and we have both committed to enjoying our time a bit more. I'm just really super grateful for her and her friendship. I can tell she really cares about me.

Last Wednesday we did companion exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. I don't know if you remember Sister Chan from the MTC but she came to serve with me in Kwai Fong. She is one of the most Christlike people I know and truly emulates His example and love. I learned so much from her and especially love talking to her about how we can more fully accept and embrace all of the blessings that the Atonement gives us. It seems that sometimes we are prone to holding up an umbrella over our heads which could represent fear, doubts, unworthiness, or pride. If we just decide to close the umbrella and let Heavenly Father shower the blessings on us that we need to be happy. She also talked about the difference she saw in me from when she first lived with me in the Kwai Fong apartment at the beginning of my mission. It was really nice and quite a spiritual experience talking to her about it. I will forever be grateful for her. (see link to talk below)

We are now teaching a family!!! The ___ Family. The reason why they are a family is because the father/husband just passed away from cancer a few months ago. So it is a mom and her ten year old daughter, ___, and her 15 yr old son, ___. (that is the english name I would pick  too if I was from HK) They are actually a member referral and have been super solid in coming to church for three whole weeks. They are going through a very difficult time and I can tell how much their father's death just weighs on the kids. Please pray for them.

Last but certainly not least, we bumped into ____my previous investigator yesterday!!!! So happy to see her and we rescheduled her for this week!!!! We also rescheduled Sister ___ and ___ but she is too busy working night and day. 

Sounds like you guys are doing great. I can't believe I will be home in three months. Time flies by but also has felt like 5 years sometimes haha. I hope that I can more selflessly serve this last part of my mission and make Heavenly Father proud of my service in Hong Kong. Thank you for all your love and support.

My fav script of the week is Mosiah 2 King Benjamin is my hero and totally understands the concept of charity. I invite you all to take a look!! 
Love you all,
Sista Ha
PS. Cliff bars would be awesome!!! Or any kind of granola.

Corn is Sister Ha's favorite food!

This is a sign one of the new converts brought to church.  If we could all keep our enthusiasm for finding Jesus Christ.

Sister Chan

Beautiful fashion in Hong Kong

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

This is a blog kept by Sister Hadley's family to let family and friends keep up with what/how she is doing as she serves a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  


This week we've seen soo many small miracles that really have meant a lot to both Sister Taylor and I. That is why I look so tired in this pic of the week. We go literally non stop. I  need MORE ENERGY!! Maybe its best not to put this pic on the blog.
The best miracle was Sister ____ accepting her baptismal date on the 18th of Oct. So soon!! It was totally led by the spirit because in our lesson yesterday she told us she herself had actually been looking at her calendar thinking about which day would be best for baptism. Its her time!!! We just need to work real hard and help her avoid any kind of setbacks or temptations that she may run into these next few weeks. We are having different ward members contact her each day. Any other suggestions. Thank you so much for your advice on her in this week's emails. I just need to translate that into Chinese bwaha. The weird thing is, the tides have kind of turned a bit. Because now ____is saying that he wants to look into other religions before accepting baptism. ha he's such a cutie:) I think it should be all good but we do need to address the concern. Please pray for them. They may be a big part of why I came back.
Our less active, ____, who was such an awesome active member and good friend of mine when I served here last year, is coming back to church.  In testimony meeting yesterday at the end of bearing her testimony she says " I'm back brothers and sisters. Name of Jesus Christ amen." haha its so ____.
This week we totally slammed our goals!! We only had about three numbers left and totally met almost all of the others that we set last week. I've never done that before but we have been working soo hard to do so. Sister Taylor is the hardest working missionary I've ever met but she does it in a loving way. She is da beeest as Nacho would say.
I fasted yesterday for _____ because I literally have no idea what to do about her. 
Love you all. You all look great. Sophia, stay on the outskirts of the dance floor please. no middle. George, behave yourself. I found your Asian doppelganger this week!! haha he is as sassy as you are too.
Thanks for the baby pics, Ar.
 Thanks for taking care of Rachel.
Do missionary work.
I love you.
Sista Ha

Friday, September 4, 2015

One of the best parts of this week was being able to see my previous investigators at church, Sister ___and little (not so little anymore) ____!! It was so great to see that they are still investigating the church. ____has been ready since the first day we found them. We had a lesson with them after church and he is just like a little angel. Everything he says you can tell is really coming from his heart. Even simple statements like, "Because I know Jesus is real." We can tell that what he says affects Sister ____ and hopefully she can overcome some of her fears about joining the church ( giving up buhddism). I think she is scared that baptism is just going to completely change her identity and get rid of all the many other things that are a part of her and her growing up.
Sister Taylor and I have been soo excited to work with the members in this ward. We made an awesome plan that just basically consists of building a rock solid relationship with each member and it has been working so far so good. Any suggestions? What have the missionaries done in our ward that helps you build your trust in them? 
"Here is Hope" is a song that I sang at our last zone training meeting and in the lesson with Sister Jeung and Sam. The verses are very meaningful to me:
"He who healed our sorrows, here was bruised and broken,
He whose love no end knows
He was forsaken, left all alone.
Here despair cries boldly, claiming this its victory,
Sweeter peace unfolds me.
Hope did not die here, but here was given.
Here is hope.
He who was rejected, He knows well my longing,
He so long expected
Carried our burdens, bore every sorrow.
Here is hope. And ours is the victory.
Here is hope."
It is from "The Lamb of God" if you want to look it up.
_____ is an investigator that Sister Kartchner and I found sitting on a bench one day. Sister ___ is super golden awesome. But her husband has a lot against Christianity. Apparently some christian in some place offended him one day or something? 
Anyways, we gave her a baptismal date of Oct. 18 if you could please pray for her. She has to get an operation before then so doesn't know if she can, but nonetheless set the goal.
____ is another investigator that Sister Kartchner and I called up one day.  Wow, she has changed a lot though! The gospel does amazing things. she has a bap date for oct and a quit smoking date for this week. Pray for her please.
More about Sister Taylor:
She is from Alpine Utah. She has six older brothers and one older sister, all of whom have served full time missions. Her parents are currently serving as senior couple missionaries in South Africa. She played on Celtic Storm soccer club team. She works really hard and we are both exhausted.
I love youall. Share the gospel this week. And tell Amanda Happy B-day. I am writing her a letter.
Sister Hadley
PS I wanted your advice on teaching people with learning/mental/physical disabilities . Seems these days we have A LOT of those kind of investigators. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

 I am now back in my baby area Kwai Fong and it has just been the biggest blessing ever! Sister Taylor, i have gone on exchanges with her, is just the best missionary and is such a sweet humble and kind, loyal friend to me. We are very similar and both want to serve so badly. She works so hard too! And we literally talk and teach every one within sight. We have already seen soooo many miracles and it is just the absolute BEST being with her!!!!! I can be the missionary I have always wanted to be and Heavenly Father knows I can be when I am with her, so yes Dad you're right, these next months will be full of joy and blessings. I was welcomed back into my ward with the most loving arms. Haha I am even crying writing about it now. I didn't think they would remember me but the night that we went to go clean the church, nobody had yet heard i was back. They were blown away and just gave me the biggggest squeezy hugs ever!!! I just felt so remembered and loved. Not only that, but soooo many of the people I had found and taught while I was serving here before are now investigating. I have had the amazing opportunity to see the seeds I have planted here as a missionary that really had no idea what she was doing but was nonetheless being led by a loving Father in Heaven.