Monday, October 5, 2015

Thanks for the package Auntie. 
This week we fasted for Sister ____and ___ twice. The first time was on wednesday and was literally the most sanfu fast I've eva done! haha it reminded me of the emotional breakdowns that fasting would cause me when I was going through puberty! bwahaha I felt like I was gonna die. Maybe that's why they tell us to drink water even while fasting in Hong Kong. haha but it was all worth it because they've made some progression. We've found out that Sister ____ really does have a desire to follow Christ and bless her family with his teachings when we had a lesson on D&C 20:37 about our hearts and desire before baptism. And ___has gone from "Wait til I'm 16." to " I will think and pray about it" He did mention one very key thing that Sister Taylor was able to pull out of him he is nervous that if he gets baptized the relationship between him and his sister and dad will change. But both of them fasted this sunday! So cool! Sister ___ said she was fasting for her family and then her daughter just messaged her from Taiwan saying that she just ran into a couple of sister missionaries and talked a little bit! So cool how fast Heavenly Father answers prayers.Please Pray for them!!

Elder James is an angel that was sent from heaven we got to meet this week in our zone training. He is from Salt Lake City and is a new senior missionary here in Hong Kong. Just about the most Christlike humble person I've ever met. He deals with a very serious tremor in his voice and hands and head that he received when he was 16 years old. He served as a full time missionary in Hong Kong at 20 years old where he met his wife (one of his converts whom he had baptized). During our break between sessions of zone training, I felt prompted to go up and introduce myself and I'm so glad I did!! Every word that comes out of his mouth is just so kind and selfless. He says he sees his serious tremor as a huge blessing Heavenly Father has given him and how it has been used as a tool in his life to love others more. Basically, I will never be as cool as Elder James but I hope that I can become more like him!!

Matt 16:25 is the motto for the last months of my mission. I just so badly want to forget myself and lose myself in the service of others and for their happiness. Any suggestions?
I love you all and you look like youre doing great. We watch conference on sat and sun. SO EXCITED!!!! Did you know two of the new apostles I've already met and talked with in Hong Kong twice with?

See you in a few
Sista Ha

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