Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sister Center Mids.  I wish they had a soccer ball at their feet.

Sister Hadley receiving her brother's GQ "Blue Steel" pose school pic.  She is doing the same pose back.

We've had a pretty eventful week here in the land of promise. We have a new investigator who is super goolden. It is the teenage girl _____ that I may have mentioned in the last email. She is super awesome and has accepted the invitation to be baptized! We had a super powerful lesson on the restoration after attending English class so please pray for _______!
little _______________ ended up not getting baptized:( He had a big test today and felt pretty stressed about interviews and baptism and homework and everything so he just told us he was not ready. I felt really bad because while talking to him over the phone he told me that he felt like everyone was forcing him to be baptized. So i've needed to repent for that:( I just want it for him so badly.) However, it was basically the cutest thing in the whole world singing "I am a Child of God" with him over the phone. Please pray for ______ and to help me know what his concerns are.
Something cool that I have learned this week while talking to Sister Taylor about it a lot is just something really simply but profound to rediscover often. I've really learned that the gospel and Jesus Christ to each one of us holds a different meaning. Sometimes I think that I am strange for thinking of certain parts of the gospel or Christ's Atonement differently than others think of it. But that is why and how it applies to each one of HF's children. He doesn't expect us to think the same and have the same views and opinions but to rather find, pull out, and cherish the parts that mean most to us and have relevance to the personal experiences he has given to us. President Lam told me that we each need to find our own sacred grove and I think that comes when we think more often about what parts mean the most to us and accepting that if our own way of thinking about those parts of the gospel make us happy, gain hope, and become a better person, then it is truly from the spirit.
Lately I've been pondering on just what I can do more to really end my mission the way Heavenly Father wants me to and how I can better fulfill my missionary purpose. 

Thank you for all your emails and support.
Mom thank you for that little treadmill story I need to apply that more.
This weeks FUNNY: I was leaving a voicemail for a member when all of a sudden Sister Taylor screamed in the kitchen.I was so nervous that I forgot what I was doing and thought that I was praying so to end the message I just said "I love you" and hung up the phone. bwahaha It was just a cockroach.
Love you all. You are in my prayers.
PPS had a dream last night that I came home to a huuuuge manshion that you guys had moved into but it wasn't even that fun or no stress, keep it simple haha

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