Monday, March 30, 2015

Ice Ice and Baby dun dun dun dun dun dun dun, Garbage Bin Angels, Can't think of a clever title but M. came to church!

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One of our new investigators name is I. who is a very busy mom. She is extremely outgoing and has a half-shaven head. haha. her little baby is not a year old yet. Pray for her to find time to go to church. In the following letter, I talk about how really prepared she has been by the Lord.

Garbage Bin Angels were more than likely to have helped us out a bit this week. We were finding and heard a huge crash behind us, looked backed to see a homeless man whose garbage bin full of stuff fell over into the a huge dirty puddle into the street. He was a big Chinese man with a little Mohawk and a Hawaiian flower shirt on. We helped him lift this huge garbage bin and mattress that also fell. I bet both grandpas were helping us too little sister missionaries lift, cause they were huge! haha

M. yesterday came to church!!! yay! I think she had a good time and we had some really awesome members, T. (who is my chinese twin) and K. (a recent convert) help fellowship her. Pray for her to know the Book of Mormon is true. 

So, last week, I decided to email Kaylie A. my roomie because she popped into my mind this week. I thought her reply was so funny and sweet (Kaylie is so wonderful; her reply was too personal and funny to share but Tessa LOVED it!!)

I love the camel I think that is funny haha!! I want to extend a missionary invitation to each of you because that's what missionaries do. Share the gospel with a friend this week! Scary! No, easy!! it doesn't have to be anything big but just remember the key to missionary work is inviting!! You guys are already awesome at sharing the gospel so I'm sure you would've done it even if I didn't invite you to do so, but I want to hear about how it goes!

Sophia, you look so dang beautiful in your dance pictures! I can't even believe how scary that must have been to perform a solo you just re-choreographed! You've got guts girl! Even your dance pics make me cry. Can't wait to see you perform when I get home. 
I love you all
Sister Ha

Thaigwokge sihkmaht, Mormonss!, Bee Slayer, M. muhnging ‏(this is the previous week that we hadn't put on yet)

 So we've seen our less-active this week twice. First time she cooked for us Thaigwokge sihkmaht which means  Thai food and it was soo good. Especially this spicy soap (we hope she mean soup) with lemon, cilantro, and chicken. She says she will teach me how to make it. We all watched the restoration movie afterwards and she related her childhood days to those of Joseph Smith's. Last night the Chan family had us and her over for dinner. Supes awesome!
We also had a lesson with M. this week. We reviewed restoration and watched the video. I'm excited for her to pray about the Book of Mormon!!!

On the MTR the other day, I was talking to this girl, but she told me she didn't speak Cantonese. She was from Korea. She had soccer cleats and shinguards on so I stroke up conversation. She was like "Oh, are you guys Christians?" I'm like "yeah, we're missionaries!" She said "Oh, I'm Christian too! wait, but are you guys like real Christian christians?"..."yes?"...." PHEWPH!! I thought you were the Mormons!!" haha. 

Bee Slayer because I caught a huge black ginormous bee in our apartment. As apartment leader I felt the obligation to do so.

Basically, this is a short email but next week will be longer. I love you all and I love reading the funnies! However, I don't think a lot of them happened? like drawing a bird with makeup on the toilet paper roll?? haha
The Book of Mormon is real and true and awesome!! Where are you guys reading together?

Sis Tess Me Ha

Friday, March 20, 2015

How do you celebrate Hump Day on a mission????!!!!!! ‏

Can you show a missionary in their PJs?
I will tell you how!!! Yesterday was a day chalk full of miracles!! It was such a tender mercy and more than likely a good sign that this next nine months will be bring many more miracles.

Yesterday, we had a great lesson with our less-active Sister J. from Thailand, who we will eat rice with tonight. She is doing awesome!! In my letter to President Hawks I tell about a miracle she expressed in church. Super awesome. One of the best moments being our Less Active bearing testimony in her spiritual thought in gospel principles class. She told about the what she called the miracle when one day she prayed to Heavenly Father to help her find a way back to church. It had been over ten years since she had attended, but the Lord softened her heart and she kneeled down to say this prayer. She told Heavenly Father she didn't know where the church was or how to get back. That same day, she opened her front door and saw two missionaries standing outside her door about to knock! Wow, the spirit really led Sister Christensen and I that day. We asked all about her family and she LOVED showing us pictures haha it actually took quite some time to get into the lesson. 

After that, we went finding and both Sister Alipao and I had the same impressions to go to the same two places. The first girl we met, I tell in the following letter, but I just want to express that it was one of the most tender mercies and greatest experiences I've had. I cannot express the love I felt Heavenly Father had for that sweet girl. She offered the prayer when we invited her to pray, and even though I couldn't understand her slurs and speech impediments the spirit was so strong. After we met her, I was so incredibly grateful that Heavenly Father led me to her. At that moment, I truly didn't even care about all the hard times  I've had to go through on my mission to get to her. None of them mattered. It was all worth it. I will never forget that experience.We met a girl about our age with mental disabilities, and although she didn't have the need for baptism, we got to pray with her for her first time praying to Heavenly Father. I will never forget the love Heavenly Father had for her that I could feel so strongly

The next woman I also wrote about in the following letter. She had the most humble sweetest spirit about her. The next woman we met was also Mandarin speaking. Wow, we are just filling up these mandarin Sisters' pool of investigators like CRAZY!! haha I told my comp we had better start learning some Mandarin because apparently that is part of our calling here as well. haha. The next woman we talked to was probably I think the most prepared person for the gospel I have ever met. She is from mainland China, but studies in Hong Kong. She was the kindest, most humble, and accepting person. She prays, but doesn't know to whom. We are so excited to give her number to the Mandarin Sisters.

I love you all and just read your funnies letter haha hilarious.
Sister Tessie Me Ha
Tessa's middle name is Marie but when she was very little she would say her name was "Tessa Me Hadley therefore she is now Tessa Me Ha.  hahaha

Grey text are excerpt from her weekly letter to the Mission President and are added to shed light on some of her stories.  This blog is meant to keep in touch with family and friends and share Tessa's missionary testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is kept by her family she does not ask us to keep a blog or tell us what to add from her letters. Missionary work is a miracle!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Mandy Moyihmuhnginging, Trainees and miracles, Tsang gatihng, STTEELLLAAAA!‏

Trainees bring miracles! We had a good week of finding this week with meeting a lot of potentials and even previous investigators. Not to mention, our less active has been coming to church and rescheduling to meet with us, so I feel like she will be counted as re-activated soon. One night of finding in particular was full of surprises. The first girl we felt impressed to talk to starting crying and telling us it was God's plan for us to meet her and she had been having a few problems in her life lately. We prayed with her and met her again this week. Next was a woman that told us she was so happy after meeting us because she had had a bad day that day, then gave us each a big hug. After that we saw our previous investigator who I felt really is ready to hear the gospel, but stopped meeting with us because her husband is against it. It was a great night of finding.

That day we gave S. over, I realized something the Lord has been blessing me with on my mission, which is building these relationships with His children for hopefully even after this life. And it is so meaningful to me. I even got a little emotional saying bye to her and wrote in my journal:
We just had a lesson with S.and the Mandarin Sisters. So we turned her over to them but it was a really good lesson and the spirit was strong and she accepted their baptismal date with no hesitation at all. Even though I couldn't understand anything going on in the lesson I could feel the spirit and could tell she did too. I started crying a little bit in the lesson and afterwards just because I have a special connection with S. I'm so glad I acted on the impression to talk to her while out finding! She is just golden and said she feels so warm and happy. She committed to read and pray each day then come to church every Sunday wow. Right after we explained to her that we were going to switch her over to the mandarin sisters the first thing she said was "Will I see you anymore?" so cute. Then we exchanged hugs at the end and she told me she would miss me. I'm so glad Heavenly Father helped me find her la. She is so ready for the gospel and she really liked the Mandarin sisters.  I also learned an important lesson for the Mandarin Sisters. Just be yourself and share your love for others. I could tell they just felt free and happy and they made everyone around them feel that way as well. The other day when we went with Mandy to wanchai to listen to Elder Ballard speak, after the meeting I ran into some of my old members from Kwai Fng and their littlies. I felt soo happy to see them and they Mei mei gave me a big hug. While I was talking to Ho mama she told me my old investigators, Sister J. and S. came over to their house for dinner last night. While she was telling me, I just was filled with this love for both them and the members I used to serve. I started to tear up a bit and didn't realize how much I missed them. I also just felt so appreciative that these members were still strengthening, welcoming, and supporting my investigators. I am so grateful for that experience because I think Heavenly Father was helping me understand the love I have gained for these people. Just like Bishop Alder wrote to me in a letter, our relationships that we make here in this life continue on to the next. Or like the Chinese story about the connecting red heart strings my mom shared with me. My red heart strings brought me here to Hong Kong.
I love you all and miss you a lot. I am okay and I feel your prayers every single day. Scripture of the week. Helaman 10:45
And now, because thou hast done this with such unwearyingness, behold, I will bless thee forever; and I will make thee mighty in word and in deed, in faith and in works; yea, even that all things shall be done unto thee according to thy word, for thou shalt not ask that which is contrary to my will.
Sister Hadley

Monday, March 2, 2015

Magadang Umaga! Alipao Ji Muih, Elder Ballard,‏

Hello, I just listened to "Soul Man" in the Apple Store. Remember we sang that in Caleb's band that I literally can't remember the name of right now and its driving me crazy? ha
Magadang Umaga (goodmorning) in Cebuano because my comp is a cute little Filipino.  Okay, she is still taller than me, but still cute. Her name is Sister Alipao and she is a very humble missionary. A little shy and a timid, but willing to learn and has a POWERFUL testimony. I've already learned so much from her! She has been so patient with me today, especially considering today is her first P-day in Hong Kong and I've gotten us lost. My first day training, I lost my phone and my trainee. So, that was good. haha but it was only for a second. The only chaahm thing is that we don't run in the morning because the first morning we were out running and Sister Alipao stopped pretty quickly. I asked if she was okay and if we should be running and she said. Well, I don't know if I should be running because my mommy told me I have something called asthma? haha she is a cutie.
It's a bit hard for her adjusting here to the food and rush of Hong Kong, but she seems happier each day. I really just hope I am being a good trainer!

"We ate at a member's home today, this is the candy they had laid out for us. They know I'm American. haha"

Speaking of Elder Ballard's visit; it was a really great experience having a prophet of the Lord here. Every time he spoke, the spirit seemed to just flow out of him. The spirit really bore testimony to me that night that what he was saying was true and he really was the Lord's servant. 
 Happy Birthday George!!! Wow, you are fourteen years old! It seems as if just yesterday you were a little ten lb sack of potatos coming' outta mama! haha I'm so glad you are reading the Strength of Youth and making good decisions in your life! That makes me HOU HOISAM SO HAPPY! You are a good good boy. A funny that I thought of the other day was picturing us when we used to have staring contests while forcing our eyes open with our fingers. Ha that hurt so bad! haha luv ya bubba

Y'all are awesome and I love you. please keep praying for me and my new companion and our investigator Mandy!
Ha Leih Sa