Monday, September 21, 2015

Potato Noodles
Before I forget, Sister Taylor's birthday is on Sunday. I wonder what I should do? any ideas?
It has been a good week full of teaching and literally running and taking taxis from one point of Kwai fong to the other. One of the best parts of the week was teaching the ____family. They are Mandarin so we need to turn them over to the other sisters but it was really fun to meet them in the tiniest little apartment ever with over ten people inside. The next was not so good news: _____ my former investigator kept telling us when we met with her how she has found her God and he is a lot greater than ours. We tried going about so many different routes to help her understand but she just wouldn't accept it. Well I'm pretty worried for her in the long run but we did try our best. Basically she dropped us but expressed her appreciation for my friendship. Its too bad because ____ and I were real close but she doesn't want to meet with us anymore.
Sister ____ came to church!! I think I may have forgotten to mention that she is recovering from breast cancer they had found a little while ago but is now starting radiation treatment. So it's kind of sanfu for her right now. She is just so kind and sincere but is too scared to talk to her husband about going to church and getting baptized. I'm just really grateful for the miracle of her coming to church! Please pray for her. We have thought of inviting her over to eat dinner with the ____ family whose son is going through some pretty serious type of cancer himself.
I found a huge pile of cocroaches under my mattress this week :) Sister Taylor insisted that we switch beds. so kind.
Miracle of the week: I sat by a LA philippino woman on the bus who hadn't been to church in three years just because she had no clue where it was. She was soo excited to get the addresses from us!!
 I LOVE the people here so much but sometimes don't know how to fully share myself and my true personality with them. I am hoping to start to feel like I can't part ways with hong kong and my mission but it hasn't overcome the happier part of coming home. :(
I love you all. Keep sharing the gospel.
Sista Ha

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