Monday, November 30, 2015

Firstly thanks for the pics. You guys look all grown up! Hopefully I recognize you when I get home.
 We've had quite the round of events this week. Starting off with a flooded apartment! Remember when my apartment in college flooded and we had to live in a hotel for three days the week before finals? haha I thought I heard Sister Taylor doing the dishes for an unusually loooong amount of time one morning went in to find out our whole bathroom floor was flooded and water was spraying out of the water hose under the sink. Within like thirty seconds half our apartment floor had been covered. haha that is how small the apartments are. I needed to act fast! haha so grabbed the pipe and the water hose and held them together for literally almost half an hour while doing the Asian squat. haha the water pressure was so high and I was praying really hard the whole time to HF to give me more arm strength because my arms were shaking like jello. bwaha. Prayer works! Finally the elders came over and the repair man found the water button thing. So we spent hours mopping the water back into buckets. It was fun. I will send a pic.
Our investigator Sister ____ is doing incredibly well! She really likes reading the BOM and has been super active in church meetings and activities. We are so excited for her!! ______, on the other hand has not been answering our phone calls:( Don't know why but please pray for her.

My favorite part of the week was teaching our less active Sister ____ who is from Thailand. She is the cutest most humble little lady you'd ever meet! She wants to come back to church but works at a Thai restaurant and has to work on Sundays. She says that she doesn't want to switch jobs because at the previous restaurants she has worked at she gets "teased" (don't know how to say it in English) for not knowing Chinese characters. But our lesson with her was so spirit filled and I could really feel HF leading Sister Taylor and I and the member in helping Sister ____ realize her faith to come back. After that, her  husband Mr. ____ offered to show us the way to a members house that we didn't know how to get to. He is quite a character but he likes the missionaries and always welcomes us to his home. 
Yes, we had thanksgiving dinner both as a zone and as a ward. They were both really great and super fun to think of ideas for the zone missionaries.
We met a really great family from Thailand the other day and taught them in their home. A mom and son _____ and ______. It was really such a tender mercy to meet the son because we had forgotten the time of the appointment and had to run all the way to her house. We found just her son home and stood at the door talking to him unto his mom got home then taught the both of them about the plan of happiness and families. They were really receptive. Pray for them pplease!
See you soon and can't wait!
Sister Hadley

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This is an old pic of the mission under Pres. Hawks but I thought we would throw it in so you can see the size of the mission

Thanks for all the pics and emails! I am so excited to see you guys in real life haha.

This week we've had some super great progressing investigators. _____ is doing well, she just can't wake up for church, but she has been reading and praying (she has been replacing her name in the book of Mormon like we invited her to and loves it!). Besides her, we have another investigator that I don't think I've told you about. Her name is Sister ____. A single mom in her early sixties. She lives with her daughter and was almost baptized into another Christian church until they basically almost pushed her into the font haha. She is actually a referral from another member.She is suuuuper golden and also loves the BOM is reading and praying everyday. And comes to church every week. She has a baptismal date for the 17th of January.
Along with her, we have another new investigator, _____, who is also a referral! She is a single mom of a 9 year old boy. While talking to her on the phone, she said she was looking for more direction in her life. We met with her and her friend and she is super prepared as well! Sister Taylor and I are soooo blessed.

I forgot to tell you then I listened last week to the endowment session in Cantonese. It was so cool!

This week we went on exchanges with another set of sisters. I was with the new missionary that is waiting for her visa to Cali. She is a native and it was fun to be with the new excitment of a greenie.

Uncle Alan sent me a really nice email. He has been super supportive my whole mission actually.  it made me really happy:

Scripture of the week:
Alma The Younger's conversion story. I love 36:17 because it reminds us that no effort is wasted. Because Alma's father continuously taught him about Christ and The Atonement, even when he didn't think his son was listening or even as he pulled further and further away from the truth, when Alma the younger was at his lowest of lows, he remembered what his dad had been telling him about "A Son of God" and he starts to cry out to Christ to save him from the frightening and heavy state he is in. It is a good reminder that even the little ways we share the gospel could be of great use to someone one day that they have no where else to turn. So keep spreading the gospel through the awesome light of Christ that you guys carry!

I love you all and am sooo excited to see you again. 
Sista Ha

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Firstly, thank you so much for all your emails this week. They made me laugh, then cry, then laugh again. It sure would be a lot easier to not be excited to come home if you guys weren't so stinking awesome:) This week has been super fun and full of little small miracles! 

______ accepted a baptismal date for the 20th of December. It's a few days after I get home but Sis Tay says she will send some awesome pics.

We sang in sacrament this week. All four missionaries and Sister Taylor and I sang with a random girl on the street this week so that was fun too.

We had exchanges and Sister Stromberg came here to Kwai Fong. It was so much fun.

I have really felt extra happy this week and just very blessed. Heavenly Father has just given me the absolutely most perfect situation and area and comp to complete my mission. So grateful for that.

Miracle of the week: 
We were walking back to the church in the rain and I saw a beautiful tall girl with red hair. I felt that I really needed to talk to her but didn't really know what to say so I just yelled "Hey, I like your hair!" haha she stopped and talked to us and we ended up giving her a great tour of the chapel. She is a model from mainland china and wants to bring her husband and friend next time. Her name is _______ and I'm so grateful i listened to the spirit on that one cause she is super prepared!

In the celestial room this morning I asked HF to guide me to a scripture that could help me know how to serve my last month and feel that my work is being accepted. He led me right to D&C 124:16-20. If you replace the names it was the most perfect answer. I especially love the last line. He spoke straight through the scriptures to me!! So cool.

I love you all and I can't wait to see you in one month!
Thank you for your love and encouragement. Have a happy Thanksgiving
Sista Ha

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sister Center Mids.  I wish they had a soccer ball at their feet.

Sister Hadley receiving her brother's GQ "Blue Steel" pose school pic.  She is doing the same pose back.

We've had a pretty eventful week here in the land of promise. We have a new investigator who is super goolden. It is the teenage girl _____ that I may have mentioned in the last email. She is super awesome and has accepted the invitation to be baptized! We had a super powerful lesson on the restoration after attending English class so please pray for _______!
little _______________ ended up not getting baptized:( He had a big test today and felt pretty stressed about interviews and baptism and homework and everything so he just told us he was not ready. I felt really bad because while talking to him over the phone he told me that he felt like everyone was forcing him to be baptized. So i've needed to repent for that:( I just want it for him so badly.) However, it was basically the cutest thing in the whole world singing "I am a Child of God" with him over the phone. Please pray for ______ and to help me know what his concerns are.
Something cool that I have learned this week while talking to Sister Taylor about it a lot is just something really simply but profound to rediscover often. I've really learned that the gospel and Jesus Christ to each one of us holds a different meaning. Sometimes I think that I am strange for thinking of certain parts of the gospel or Christ's Atonement differently than others think of it. But that is why and how it applies to each one of HF's children. He doesn't expect us to think the same and have the same views and opinions but to rather find, pull out, and cherish the parts that mean most to us and have relevance to the personal experiences he has given to us. President Lam told me that we each need to find our own sacred grove and I think that comes when we think more often about what parts mean the most to us and accepting that if our own way of thinking about those parts of the gospel make us happy, gain hope, and become a better person, then it is truly from the spirit.
Lately I've been pondering on just what I can do more to really end my mission the way Heavenly Father wants me to and how I can better fulfill my missionary purpose. 

Thank you for all your emails and support.
Mom thank you for that little treadmill story I need to apply that more.
This weeks FUNNY: I was leaving a voicemail for a member when all of a sudden Sister Taylor screamed in the kitchen.I was so nervous that I forgot what I was doing and thought that I was praying so to end the message I just said "I love you" and hung up the phone. bwahaha It was just a cockroach.
Love you all. You are in my prayers.
PPS had a dream last night that I came home to a huuuuge manshion that you guys had moved into but it wasn't even that fun or no stress, keep it simple haha

Monday, November 2, 2015

This Week in the Land of Promise and Happy Halloween

We finally got our zone training done with and out of the way. It went pretty well and was fun. Weird to be on the other side of things. The New news is that sister Taylor and i will be training a new missionary together. She is a native from HK who is waiting for her visa to leave the country. I'm pretty nervous, but it is a good opportunity for us! We pick her up tomorrow. 

The pictures of HK are from last p-day. Sister and Brother Ho are the nicest and took their free day to tour us around HK. I just love these members here and it is starting to hit me a bit how much I am going to miss them. 

This week Sampster Hampster agreed to do a baptismal interview. He says he wants to get baptized so idk what the hesitation is for. I asked him if the elder tells him he passed what he would decide. He said he would "try it" haha. There are three other children in our ward getting baptized this week so hopefully we can make it four. But I don't want to force him into anything he doesn't want to do. 

This week the missionaries put on a halloween party at our church. It was pretty fun but assigning the elders to make the "fear factor food" was a bad idea. haha. 

Glad to see she still has the Light-Saber chopsticks we sent her.

They decorated oranges because pumpkins are soooo expesive

SISTER ____ GOT CONFIRMED!! haha she was sooo happy and after she got confirmed in sacrament came up to sister Taylor and I to give us a hug. I thought it was going to be a bend down hug (why would I think Chinese people even know what that is?) but nope she basically threw us both up into her arms and gave us the BIGGEST hug I have ever experienced!! haha it was forever too. she just stood their hugging us and crying. Probably the most awkward yet tender moments of my mish. haha. 

Dr. Broadwater emailed me back and basically he just really wants me to focus on my mission while I'm here but said to come in when I get home and we can discuss all my options. 

Y'all look great.  Got your letters mom. Thank you! George you look like mom now. See you NEXT MONTH?!
Sista Ha

PS found a huge lizard/gheko in our bag of cookies bwahaha it was so freaaky