Monday, August 24, 2015

 I am now back in my baby area Kwai Fong and it has just been the biggest blessing ever! Sister Taylor, i have gone on exchanges with her, is just the best missionary and is such a sweet humble and kind, loyal friend to me. We are very similar and both want to serve so badly. She works so hard too! And we literally talk and teach every one within sight. We have already seen soooo many miracles and it is just the absolute BEST being with her!!!!! I can be the missionary I have always wanted to be and Heavenly Father knows I can be when I am with her, so yes Dad you're right, these next months will be full of joy and blessings. I was welcomed back into my ward with the most loving arms. Haha I am even crying writing about it now. I didn't think they would remember me but the night that we went to go clean the church, nobody had yet heard i was back. They were blown away and just gave me the biggggest squeezy hugs ever!!! I just felt so remembered and loved. Not only that, but soooo many of the people I had found and taught while I was serving here before are now investigating. I have had the amazing opportunity to see the seeds I have planted here as a missionary that really had no idea what she was doing but was nonetheless being led by a loving Father in Heaven. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Just about the bestest thing happened this week. I was talking with another
member at a stake relief society activity when I heard someone behind me
shout "Ha Ji Muih!!!" I turned around to see a most happy, glowing, and
beautiful Sister ___ from Kwai Fong my first area. When Sister Kartchner
and I were there we helped her come back to the gospel and become
reactivated. You wouldn't even believe what the gospel has done for her.
She is like a new person now. I was so happy I almost cried. She gave me a
big squeezy hug and sat by me and we talked. Really she was just glowing
with light I was so surprised I forgot how to speak chinese! haha...later
that night looking back on it, I truly felt the happiness that the prophets
and apostles talk about achieving when laboring among Heavenly Father's
children. It very real and at that moment, everything was again..all worth

 ____ is doing pretty well. We taught her forgiveness this week and have
been assigning her to do little acts of service like sitting by a member
who had just had surgery this week at church. She calls me gungjai, which
is like a little doll or something haha.

 _____is super golden awesome. We are going to give her a baptismal date
this week. She asks great questions and has expressed to us that she is
already beginning to truly feel God's reality and existence in her life. 

 We are teaching a less active sister named Sister _____. she is just about
the cutest little grandma ever and when she hugs me she just nestles her
head right under mine. She is so tiny!! She brought a friend to church this
Sunday as well. We have a lot of little grandmas that we teach
who absolutely know they need to come to church.  

 You all look great and I'm so glad you got to see little Penny Lane's baby
blessing. I love the pictures, but you're all changing too quickly!! Just
wait 'til I get home pleasssse!!

 P.S. I'm just really nervous for moves calls.
Please Please Please pray for me.  everything is okay as long as we have the gospel. right? My
favorite scripture this week Alma 37:44-46 Bom is da bomb.

PPS Phiphs you are gonna be the queeen of Skyline!! Don't worry about the
bagged rats they only give those out on Tuesdays. Just be your awesome self and
be an example of Christ. 

 PPPS George: As Thumper says " If you can't date girls that are not
emotional messes, don't date at all.:)" 

 PPPPS Aria and Penny, I love the cute little scrapbook pictures you sent!
Thank you so much for keeping in touch and letting me be a part of your
lives all the way across the world. 

 See yall in four

Monday, August 10, 2015

Monkey Mountain.  Well, at least she is taller than the monkeys.

This week has been a nice break with lots of meetings and companion exchanges.
President Gong, area president of the Asian missions came and spoke to us for mission conference and mission tour. so basically mission tour is just when they have cool leaders like that come speak. big news is that by next April Hong Kong is going to add two more stakes. There are four at the moment. Way cool!! It was fun to be with other missionaries.
Compin with the Kartchner was literally the biggest fresh of breath air. It was so needed and was a huge blessing to me. We taught a lot together and I got to see what an absolutely amazing missionary she has become. talked a lot about my companionship and she gave me some good advice. Man, I just love that sister!!!
Last monday I literally got dissed like three times by some sassy old ladies telling me how bad my skin was and that I need to take a shower once I get home. haha good thing I'm used to how blundt they are here.
___is our new awesome investigator.  Kwai Fong sisters found her for us. She came to church with us and is totally great! She is super smart and wants to learn the gospel. She also agreed to baptism. She has had some really hard things in the past. 
The other night while saying my nightly prayers, I just realized how lucky I am to be here and that Heavenly Father is slowly but surely changing me and answering my prayers. I realize how much I love the people of Hong Kong and hope that feeling can stay with me forever!
Anyways, thanks for all your emails and love and support. You guys are awesome. Do you ever get chances to teach with the missionaries? is rachel open to seeing them>? 
Love you all
Sister Ha
ps both grandmas letters are in the mail.
pps Jazzy hymns is a reference to a hymn I sang jazzily haha at our ward talent show

Monday, August 3, 2015

Ying Ying my Siu pahngyauh, Tiff comes to town!, Jazzy Hymns‏

Hello Bahba, Mahma, gaje, mui muih, sailou!
This week was pretty good. We had a lot of great things this week. We also had a bit of unfortunate news so we'll just get that out of the way now. We think ___ got Antied :( She just keep hanging up on our phone calls and we haven't seen her the whole week. So Yeah I was pretty bummed about that. To say the least. But to make up for it, we had a better week as a companionship.

Siu pahngyauh means child in chinese, but the direct translation is little friend. And that she was! Ying ying was a little girl that sat behind me on the bus one day. She was the most adorable thing ever!!! Right when I said hi to her she just went off like a rocket asking me questions and telling me about where they are going what they are doing, her family, her name it. haha we were insta  best friends. I thought only phiphs could make friends with somebody that quickly. I will never forget little yingying she made me soo happy! too bad her parents didn't leave their number or anything. its okay. I'll find her again!

T., my member from Sha Tin has been living in our apartment this week and it has been so fun to be with her. She is doing the missionary program where they act as full time missionaries for two weeks. She will be here this week as well. She is my best buddy/chinese twin! We also have another summer missionary with us so that makes six people in the tiniest apartment ever. Needless to say, I get kind of claustrophobic at times!!

This email is from my trainer. She is the best.  A sweet letter from Tessa's trainer followed.  We are so grateful she was sister Ha's trainer.


____is doing well. She has come to lots of activities and church and has been gaining more friends.
Thank you sooo much for the package! You know all my favorite candies, mom! Made me so happy. P.S. I'm not a bit upset that rachel is living in my room or that you smelled my dirty laundry bwahaha.
Dad, i want you to send more missionary stories! Every night I pray to become as good of a missionary has you wereSmiling face (black and white)
Love you all. I'm doing good and Heavenly Father answers my prayers every. single. day.
Especially with my favorite scripture this week. 1 Ne 20: 15-17.

P.s. I will go on exchanges with sister Kartchner this week! and we have zone conference and mission tour. it will be a fun week!

pps tell grandmas (both) I amsending letters soon. and i am sorry.