Monday, November 2, 2015

This Week in the Land of Promise and Happy Halloween

We finally got our zone training done with and out of the way. It went pretty well and was fun. Weird to be on the other side of things. The New news is that sister Taylor and i will be training a new missionary together. She is a native from HK who is waiting for her visa to leave the country. I'm pretty nervous, but it is a good opportunity for us! We pick her up tomorrow. 

The pictures of HK are from last p-day. Sister and Brother Ho are the nicest and took their free day to tour us around HK. I just love these members here and it is starting to hit me a bit how much I am going to miss them. 

This week Sampster Hampster agreed to do a baptismal interview. He says he wants to get baptized so idk what the hesitation is for. I asked him if the elder tells him he passed what he would decide. He said he would "try it" haha. There are three other children in our ward getting baptized this week so hopefully we can make it four. But I don't want to force him into anything he doesn't want to do. 

This week the missionaries put on a halloween party at our church. It was pretty fun but assigning the elders to make the "fear factor food" was a bad idea. haha. 

Glad to see she still has the Light-Saber chopsticks we sent her.

They decorated oranges because pumpkins are soooo expesive

SISTER ____ GOT CONFIRMED!! haha she was sooo happy and after she got confirmed in sacrament came up to sister Taylor and I to give us a hug. I thought it was going to be a bend down hug (why would I think Chinese people even know what that is?) but nope she basically threw us both up into her arms and gave us the BIGGEST hug I have ever experienced!! haha it was forever too. she just stood their hugging us and crying. Probably the most awkward yet tender moments of my mish. haha. 

Dr. Broadwater emailed me back and basically he just really wants me to focus on my mission while I'm here but said to come in when I get home and we can discuss all my options. 

Y'all look great.  Got your letters mom. Thank you! George you look like mom now. See you NEXT MONTH?!
Sista Ha

PS found a huge lizard/gheko in our bag of cookies bwahaha it was so freaaky

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