Tuesday, September 8, 2015

This is a blog kept by Sister Hadley's family to let family and friends keep up with what/how she is doing as she serves a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  


This week we've seen soo many small miracles that really have meant a lot to both Sister Taylor and I. That is why I look so tired in this pic of the week. We go literally non stop. I  need MORE ENERGY!! Maybe its best not to put this pic on the blog.
The best miracle was Sister ____ accepting her baptismal date on the 18th of Oct. So soon!! It was totally led by the spirit because in our lesson yesterday she told us she herself had actually been looking at her calendar thinking about which day would be best for baptism. Its her time!!! We just need to work real hard and help her avoid any kind of setbacks or temptations that she may run into these next few weeks. We are having different ward members contact her each day. Any other suggestions. Thank you so much for your advice on her in this week's emails. I just need to translate that into Chinese bwaha. The weird thing is, the tides have kind of turned a bit. Because now ____is saying that he wants to look into other religions before accepting baptism. ha he's such a cutie:) I think it should be all good but we do need to address the concern. Please pray for them. They may be a big part of why I came back.
Our less active, ____, who was such an awesome active member and good friend of mine when I served here last year, is coming back to church.  In testimony meeting yesterday at the end of bearing her testimony she says " I'm back brothers and sisters. Name of Jesus Christ amen." haha its so ____.
This week we totally slammed our goals!! We only had about three numbers left and totally met almost all of the others that we set last week. I've never done that before but we have been working soo hard to do so. Sister Taylor is the hardest working missionary I've ever met but she does it in a loving way. She is da beeest as Nacho would say.
I fasted yesterday for _____ because I literally have no idea what to do about her. 
Love you all. You all look great. Sophia, stay on the outskirts of the dance floor please. no middle. George, behave yourself. I found your Asian doppelganger this week!! haha he is as sassy as you are too.
Thanks for the baby pics, Ar.
 Thanks for taking care of Rachel.
Do missionary work.
I love you.
Sista Ha

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