Sunday, December 28, 2014

Room with a View and E Cookies?

Merry Christmas from Hong Kong!
Thank you so so much to everyone for sending letters and pictures! It meant so much to me during this season! I was pretty nervous before Christmas that I would be pretty homesick and miss being away from my family during the holidays, but this has been one of my favorite Christmases eva! It was really soo neat finding on Christmas day. We got to show some people "He is The Gift" on the little portable DVD player we have and it was so fun to watch their faces during the video. I was really able to feel that God loves these people and that the Lord Jesus Christ was sent here for them as well. I wouldn't have changed one thing about Christmas day!
- For english class we taught about cooking (haha like I know ANYTHING about that) and we made the cookies you sent me mom! thank you.

Monday, December 22, 2014

God is Sooo Good!! and Movescalls Brings Miracles!

Rebecca, Carolyn and other YW leaders look at what they are holding. You never know when one of your hand outs might make it to China and be very much appreciated..
God is soo Good!! Movescalls bring miracles! One of which being my new great companion, Sister Christensen! She is beautiful inside and out! She is a great Christ-like example to me and we get along really well because we have a ton in common! 

My new area is called ShaTin (pronounced Saa Tin) and is absolutely gorgeous. Its closer to mainland china than I've ever been and there are green hills upon hills but also a little bit of a city-like aspect as well. There is a river that flows through the middle from the ocean that my comp and I run alongside ever morning( she ran xcountry in high shcool! Tender mercy!) 

The ward here is great. They are super involved in missionary work and go finding with us Sunday for two whole hours!! The ward mission leader was the president before President Hawks. We have met some great members and investigators here! (Tessa didn't put it in her blog but she reported "Last week, I found out I am a chaser finder! haha I want to give the people the best chance possible haha so they have to say no like five times before I stop following them. haha" I thought when you are a cute 5"0' blonde you can get away with this.)-mom

 Thank you all for your prayers and merry Chrsitmas!
Scripture of the week: Isaiah 26: 3-4

3."Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee:  because he trusteth in thee.
4.Trust ye in the LORD for ever:  for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting Strength:"

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad & Transfer Time

Tessa and Dad at a ward party
Well, first things first: Happy Birthday, Dad! Wow, you're gettin' old. haha. I hope you guys do something fun today! I think you're at the temple square though, right? 

Second thing is second: my stay in Kwai Chung has come to an end:( We found out last night that Sister Kartchner is training so she is taking over the area. Man, I've worked soo hard for these investigators here and really will miss Sister J., little s., sister L., and C. a lot. I feel like I've been here for like five years. I cried a little bit last night when I found out. And I am gonna miss Sister Kartchner too. She was a great companion!So pray for me to have another great one. So I gotta pack ALL  my stuff and be ready to head out on Thursday. I figure out where I'm serving and with whom I will be serving tomorrow. So wish me luck. 

From mom to Tessa

So I'll be spending Christmas in a different place with different people. Yes, I've started twelve days of Christmas! It is so fun each night to turn on christmas music and our lights and open two presents. S. Kartchner loves it. 

 Anyways, this week Sister Kartchner and I taught 25 lessons! Some of them are just prayers with people on the street. But, still that is like unheard of in Hong Kong. So that's pretty cool. But, we haven't been able to see Sister L. or C.. They are just waaay too busy, so I don't know what to do. But, I guess Sister Kartchner can decide now. haha. We did see J. and S. though.

Well, so Christmas is coming up. I'm sending a package to you all today. It's way awesome stuff. I don't think it will arrive in time though. Speaking of Christmas, I'm excited to talk to you..I'll let you know details on Monday hopefully.  Okay, I love you all. Happy Birthday. You all look great in your pics

Tessa and Sophia Christmas 99
Please Send extra prayers for Sister Hadley this week as she transfers one week before Christmas

Monday, December 8, 2014

 So, this week was a comparatively good week. Had some pretty good things happen. Yesterday, we went to a Christmas music devotional thing. It was really good. And some great music was played. We brought four investigators and one reactivated member.  It was way awesome because before we had time to go look at the temple with all of them. 

This week we again got to teach S.C. T. in the hospital. She has pancreitis(how to spell that?) She has gotten closer to Christ through this experience, but she wouldn't accept our Book of Mormon and she beleives Chrsit and Heavenly Father are one person. But, it's just good to give her comfort especially during Christmas. She was concerned about being in the hospital over Christmas. But I assured her we would bring Chrsitmas to her. 

Sister Kartchner and I were walking outside where they sell stuff. There were these huge bottles that were filled with yellow juice. I asked the lady what they were for and she explained they were to like heal joints or something? Guess what was in the bottom of the bottles. Naked baby rats! And other bottles had huge bees and centipedes. Yes you are supposed to drink it. Gross. We taught a new investigator N.. She has two little kids and is Vietnamese. She is really cute and excited to read the Book of Mormon.

 On Friday we went to Central which is like city city city and it was the most unbelievable place. It's like New York but five times as packed. It was way cool. I'd love to serve there. Anyways...i don't know what else to say. Just keep praying for me that I won't freak out haha. Okay love you all.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Jesus Christ He Is the Gift

Tessa, her sister and cousins

Jesus Christ He Is the Gift  
Please take a minute to click above and watch this short amazing video!!!

It's December 1st! Have you decided what gift you are giving Christ this Christmas? Have you decided what to give to Heavenly Father? 

He gave you the first gift. "The first gift was not wrapped, had no bow, wasn't purchased online or in a store. The first gift of Christmas was a simple gift, a sacred gift, it wasn't gold or frankincense or myrrh. It was a gift of love and life and peace. and hope given by a father to all His children. 

For God so loved the world and so loved you, and you, and you and every single one of us. He gave His Son. He is The Christ. He is Christmas. He is the gift. 

This Christmas season, discover the gift, embrace the gift. For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.- John 3:16" from the video

This Christmas season, I've decided to embrace the gift by sharing it with others. With those that know Him. With those that have never heard of His sacred name, with those that are all God's children in Hong Kong. Just because you're not half way across the world serving a mission, doesn't mean you can't do the same! Embrace the wonderful gift by coming closer to Christ and sharing the hope and light he provides to each and every one of us!

Tessa thanks everyone for their support and prayers.  She is missing home very much this season and would love to hear from all of you.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Chopstick Hairdo

chopstick hairdo
These past few days have been bad and good. We've witnessed some miracles. The best of which was with Kelly, our new investigator. She is a member referral. So we were just having a normal lesson. I offered  to say the opening prayer. I was asking HF to bless her family. I couldn't really think of what to specifically bless them with, but i got a prompting to just bless them with peace. I asked HF to have him help her understand and know that these things that we're telling her are true. After the prayer, I looked up and she was crying. She explained that I kind of like took the words right out of her mouth and that they were exactly what she needed. She kept explaining to us while she was crying that she felt so warm around us and that she didn't understand why because she had just met us! We then explained that it was the Holy Ghost...She couldn't really grasp her mind around the Holy Ghost but was totally feeling it. We then read 3 Ne 32:2-3 explaining how angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost. She kept pointing to me and saying Ha Ji Muih jauh haih tinsi haha Sister Hadley is an angel! haha It was kind of embarassing but I just really appreciated it because maybe Panda Bear (dad) is right: maybe there really are people in Hong Kong that need me. That need me to be an angel to them. So, that was a really cool experience. The Holy Ghost is REAL. Also, E has been progressing pretty good..she told us that since she has been meeting with us she feels God's power and its like he has opened her heart! Way cool. But, L.our other investigator told us she doesn't want to be baptized anymore. I cried a little bit after meeting with her, but I think just because I felt like the Savior and Heavenly Father were still just proud of me for giving her that opportunity. She will get more. You guys are awesome. I don't know when I'll see you but I really hope that as you grow and progress, I can as well!! Okay ta ta for now.
SisterSa Ha Leih 

Thank you for your fasting and prayers!

Hello Family:
This week I honestly have felt your fasts for me. My anxiety this week has been lessened and I am so incredibly grateful for that and for your time and thoughts in my behalf. Thank you so much. This week we've seen some miracles! I don't remember if I talked about this, but we taught Sister L. about tithing. She works only part-time and is a single mom. She accepted to live it without a second thought.  I hope she understood what we were really saying. But, honestly it was a miracle. .I love you all and miss you a ton. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Love on Sister Kartchner and Little Mulan
 My companion is really great and loving. Definitely an answer to my prayers. I finished my first journal this week so that is an accomplishment and I think I ran five mornings with my comp! I literally almost bull dozed this Chinese man over when I was running back to my apartment. It was such a hard hit! I felt so bad. He looked as if , if i wasn't a little foreign girl trying to find my way around China, he would've clocked me haha. It was like something you'd see in a movie.

 Also found out ARia is pregos! Whoa! I wanna hear all about how she told you and your reaction and everything!

So monday was a really good day! Don't know why but after emailing I felt like i was on cloud nine and I just wanted to be a good missionary and change myself and extend charity to everyone. I think it may have been Aunts and Uncles writing to me idk...haha but it was a real good day filled with hope. It didn't last very long though haha I hate that...when you think it will stay for the rest of your life and mission and then it doesn't even last til the next mornign haha.

Tuesday I had quite a bit of nervous times during teaching and such. I don't know why this happens! But we got another Baptismal date. E. She is eighteen. Sister Johnson and I found her one day. Also Sister L. excepted the invitation to live the word of wisdom without any problem or hesitation. Wednesday, was a pretty good day. Found some answers in the scriptures during personal study.  I realized how funny my comp is. We get along pretty well and she laughs at all my dumb jokes so that's good.

We also taught A the older grandma we've been teaching. I just love her so much. She reminds me of grandma Shann because she's really strong. She has declined two invitations to get baptized but we will keep inviting her. please pray for her. I remember in a blessing that dad gave me...he specifically said I would be helping both the young and the OLD come closer to the savior. I don't know why but that stuck out to me so strongly then. I think she might be the one he was talking about.

 Sunday: was okay, but Satan is working hard because all six of our investigators in the morning canceled on coming to church with us!!!I love you and miss you a lot. too much.
Sister Ha
Sister Ha always loved Mulan

Monday, October 27, 2014

New Transfer, New Companion, Bye-bye Sister Johnson:(

This week my companion Sister Johnson left. She's on the plane back to Cedar City right now! 
Thank you for everything Sister Johnson.  I got a new companion, Sister Kartchner! She is honestly the most humble and kind person I know! What a blessing. She has only been in Hong Kong for about four months. So, we are two very new missionaries! Language will be a task. But a task that we are both willing to tackle! Sister Kartchner has six older brothers and two older sisters, all of which have served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. So, that basically sums up how amazing of a missionary she already is. 

We taught quite a few of our investigators this week. It was very busy! Probably not comparably to any Mexican mission or South American mission, but it's not about the number of baptisms or lessons you get in a week. It's about the hearts you touch with the love of Christ. 

We taught Sister L and her daughter C. C is pretty won't sit down during our lessons, but I think she actually listens to our every word. Just doesn't want to show it haha. (Mom and Dad please pray for her) We so badly want them to get baptized together! Sister L cannot read Chinese characters very well, but in Sunday school when it was her turn to read, she took a deep breath and read the entire paragraph by herself! I was so proud! She looked right at me afterwards and was holding her heart and gasping  because she was so nervous. ha I just gave her a big thumbs up! She is so funny.

 Also, We taught A-syut. A-syut is a 73 (soon to be 74) year old grandma. She is so hou sai leih. She swims everyday and has a spunky personality. She always gives us free swag. And this week we got some scarves with crosses on them. haha! She did not accept our baptismal invitation this week, but that is okay. We will keep at it, because I know in her heart she wants this. Her family plays a big role in this decision of hers. (mom, and dad please pray for her) But, she has so much faith! She is so strong and willing to gain a testimony of this gospel! At church this Sunday, counting investigators and the people they brought, we had 12! Wow, That is literally unheard of in Hong Kong! Such a miracle.

 I got to see Sister Johnson's parents at church! They are such nice people! I almost got a little emotional seein' them all together and made me miss my own folks a little bit. Well, I've come to a conclusion, the only way to serve a mission for the Lord, is to do it with his love. I've tried other ways and it doesn't work. How else could you be half way across the world away from your family and friends. Nothing else can fuel that sacrifice except that of Charity, the pure love of Christ. Thank you for all your support and prayers in my behalf! I love you all and invite you to see Heavenly Father's children the way he sees them as I am striving to do here!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tessa Shrimp and Beautiful Babies

Hello, right now I'm at the Apple Store in Kowloon Tong. I don't like going to the Apple Store to email. They have such good songs on all the time that I try to ignore, but my foot keeps a tappin' ha. And its very loud here. And we don't get to sit down. But, oh well. I also forgot my journal today too, so that's good.(Tessa sarcasm) Anyways, This week wasn't as good or relaxed as last week. I had some rough times. But there were also some good things.

Did you know HA  (Tessa's last name) in Chinese also means Shrimp (as well as laughing loud)? It's just a different Character than my last name, but the same sound haha so a member gave me this green little boondoggle shrimp she made haha. 

 Also, I didn't receive any mail today:( So I'll have to wait until next Monday to see if I have any. (hint, hint. Tessa would love mail) But I did receive the package last Monday with all the cool random stuff. Thank you so much! I love the red chapstick. And we used the mustaches.

Yesterday we taught G. she brought her little 2 yr old girl who is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen.  She loves to talk and laugh and S. is the most Christ like little boy I've ever met.  Thank you for your prayers and please keep them coming.

Monday, October 13, 2014

President Uchtdorf and 10,000 Buddhas

On Monday, we went to ten thousand Buddhas! It was really sweet actually. 

I'm wondering if there really are ten thousand, cause there is a temple at the top with a ton of little mini ones all around the walls and up to the ceilings. 

The scenery surrounding the site is amazing. It's a Chinese jungle. Green, green, green. So pretty! I've seen two monkeys so far!! 

Elder Uchtdorf's talk on Saturday morning was my very favorite of all conference. I love the way he describes and talks about our Heavenly Father. This is what I was reminded of when listening to His talk...Heavenly Father is real. He is quite literally the Father of our spirits who has given us EVERYTHING. He is eternally and thoroughly in tune with not only the heaviest and most apparent questions, concerns, and challenges of our hearts, but also with the most minute details and feelings of our hearts as well. He doesn't change. His truth is steadfast and abiding. He shares our smallest and biggest accomplishments, desires, hopes, fears, and sorrows. He answers prayers. We do not need to go through this life relying solely upon our own limited strength as imperfect human beings because we have a being of deity who created us and  watches over His flock and is ever and keenly aware of you. Because you are His child and His love is literally infinite. I am grateful for the role this knowlege has played in my life and for the opportunity to share this priceless and precious knowlege with the people of Hong Kong. Thank you all so much for your prayers in my behalf.  Please also pray for our investigators.  Don't miss  this beautiful video clip below.

Here is a video clip of his talk

Here is the full talk

Conference in Cantonese if you are interested

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ward Party?

This Week we had a special ward outing out in the new territories of Hong Kong. We took a big bus and made different stops all around.

 First stop: grocery store (haha what?) and eating little gift from our tour guide: soy sauce! 

Next stop: Seafood dinner (I know people's mouths will be watering and it would be very pricey at home, but not my thing, not yet) Basically, didn't eat anything but rice. I tried almost everything but then would hide it under my plate haha.

 Last Stop: Feeding goats!(what? haha) Why didn't the Olympus 5th ward think of these things?!

(Considering Tessa wants to be an orthodontist, I'm sure she loved this little goat)

(Tessa has had some previous experience with a very similar looking goat)

Weird stuff, but nonetheless fun! I've gained some pretty good relationships with some members. They even made me sing I am a Child of God on the bus with the microphone haha. It was really great to see the role of a ward family in the lives of these people. It really is essential. Gives you a
sense of belonging. I want my investigators to have this so badly!

(Ummm...excuse me is this the ladies restroom?)

On Tuesday we went finding for five hours. Finding in Hong Kong is soo challenging! Almost NOBODY wants to talk to us. And when they do they are already GeiDukgaau (Christian). Actually, you wouldn't believe how many people are Christian here. A good 40 % of t he people i talk to! 

We over heard some grandpa pohpos talking about the Africans (referring to Sister J and I) We just looked at each other like what?! haha. It's funny, when people guess where we're from, the last place they guess is America haa. 

Some other amusing things in Hong Kong are:

 1) The shirts with quotes written in poor English that they have no idea what they of my investigators shirts says..Everyone so happy. The Smile. haha Makes me wonder what all those "Chinese" tattoos in America really say. hahaha 

 2) Bare Beer Belly Buddies: Sooo many men will show off they're beer bellies by just lifting up their shirts when they feel their belly needs a little air. They're HUGE!haah
3) Mid-sentence burps: Self-explanatory.  Use them as if they are just another ending particle haha. 
As Liberace would say. . ."I wish my brother George were here."

Yesterday, we got to teach L. and C., two of our progressing investigators! They are doing sooo well! We gave them a baptismal date: November 30th and they accepted! L is soo humble. She has been dealing with a very hard trial. She so badly wants her daughter to have more opportunities and feel loved. I feel that not only this gospel can help her, but also the members, the friends, good atmosphere, and a better way of life.  When we left the other night, she gave me a big SMOOCH on the cheek (more like the ear haha). It was the cutest. We are seeing miracles here! (We better be! We fasted for 13 hours yesterday!) These are the moments that make the hard days worth it. Missionary work is so rewarding! Elder Jeffery R. Holland says it is one of the most important things we can do in our lives, as equally important as raising children! I hope to see more miracles as I serve the Lord and I feel all of your prayers in my behalf!
Thank you soo much!

-Ha Ji Muih

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This week in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong:
I ate Dim Sum on p-day. Dim Sum is like an all you can eat buffet Chinese styled meal. So..I ate chicken feet again....okay, i ate a tiny bite of the chicken's foot, but still had to spit out the little bony knuckle and everything, so it definitely counts! Very, very gross. It's so interesting. The food here.  I am not convinced when my trainer promises me my tastebuds will acquire a craving for this "food". Even the 800 calorie moon-cakes are not yummy. But, Elder Dale thinks they are. He shoves them down for breakfast haha. Moon cakes are lotus paste pastries with duck eggs in the middle. Yeah. not quite like a frosty or brownie.  (this might be a hint to send brownies?)

I'm proud to say this week I found Cherilyn W's  Doppelganger. The Chinese Cherilyn is in my ward. She is a great teacher and knows a lot about the gospel like (like Salt Lake Cherilyn). She is also very caring and surprisingly looks quite a bit like cher-bear.

This week, we gave two of our investigators baptismal dates in December. Our mission baptismal goal for December is 65! It was a  great experience when we invited them. The spirit was so strong! I've already seen a change in their countenances and cute little Sam is really, really enjoying church, primary, and activities. I'll never forget his face when he laughs and talks with a cup full of chewed up rice in his mouth. haha Its hilarious. Chinese is already hard enough to understand. ha.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to change lives. Maybe slowly, but nonetheless, still changing. Sam's mom, sister J. has been Buddhist and ancestor worshipping for most of her life and all of a sudden she believes that Christ is her Savior! Wow!  It is the spirit that brings this realization
to others!

Monday, September 22, 2014

This week in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong, China.  This week Tessa reports that chicken feet might be the death of her.

This week we've been privileged to have three miracle lessons.And they were all turnover lessons, as well. All reap, no sow ha.

 It amazes me how ready some of these people are for the gospel, but some not so much. Especially the popo's (Grandmas and grandpas). They tell us they are too old to change.. . . . Umm.. actually you guys are the ones knock knock knockin' on Heavens door, so y'all  need to hou faai di fuigoi (repent quick quick!).   They won't let us help them up the hill with their massive carts of cardboard and garbage.(A lot of people find garbage and sell it to make ends meet. Don't ask. I don't know how that works.) But they're pretty hou sail leih and we see a lot of them just workin as hard as their little bodies can.

This week we had a level 8 typhoon! Not as scary as it sounds. However, I never before have seen it rain harder than i saw this week. The rain would hit the ground and bounce way back up to heaven. We had to stay in a little bit. But, like i said, we had some pretty great lessons. We taught a 21 yr old girl named S., who looks as if she is 14. She is smaller than me and is soo pachau (shy) and cute. She is pretty sad and insecure. I had the privilege to testify to her that God is her Heavenly Father and wants her to be happy. I could really feel His love for her during our lesson.  We also taught L. J. M. and her daughter, C.. C. is supes sassy but her mom is very interested. She attended church and cried several times during the meetings. She was feelin' the spirit yo.

This week was my three month mark! My awesome companion, Sister Johnson made me french toast in the morning. She is the best. And her Wizard of Oz Lion impression is quite literally flawless to say the least.

 I love learning this language and am grateful that it is challenging, because that's how we grow in life. That is how we become like our Heavenly Father. We can all do hard things, and He knows that. He wants us to COMPLETELY rely on His Son in these times. To give it up because you can't carry it. It really is a special thing to pray to Heavenly Father and tell him that you can't do it without His help. He will come. He ALWAYS does. He is our Father, our creator, our comfort.

We sent Tessa a build a bear Panda that has our voices recorded.  Here is the thank you note we received.
Ya'll deserve this cute card and more, because I wanted to thank you so much for Panda.  I was soooo happy when I opened my package!  Last night, I was hugging it and holding its hand.  All of a sudden it started talking! haha.  Everyone was trying to sleep so I couldn't listen to it, but I listened to it today.  It made me cry but I just love it so much.  Remember whin I had that simba stuffed animal and made it a goal to hold it when I died so it could go to heaven with me? Well, now I want to hold Panda so she can go to heaven w/me! Then in Chinese I really love you all so much and everyday thank my Heavenly Father for giving me my precious family.  I know this gospel is true and through Jesus Christ we can live w/our families forever.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

This Week in Kwai Chung Hong Kong - Sept 19, 2014

P-day Facials
This week in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong: Something that I really love to do is to find Asian dopplegangers of people that I know from Salt Lake(especially in our ward). Like for example, I've already found Asian Marianne McK.! She has the same mannerisms, style, sweet spirit, and strong testimony. I've also found Asian Johnny L. and Asian Grandma Shann who is always giggling, especially when she looks at my name tag and goes HAHAHA Ji Muih. She also braids my hair at church. I couldn't help but think of grandma trying to brush my hair with an ow-ey comb when i was little. haha. I will look for more.
 I got my full Chinese name today: Ha Leih Sa...So their last names go Leih Sa is kind of like Tessa. I'm not exactly sure what it means except for the Ha part. I called a member the other day to see if we could come visit her and her family. I said: Ngoh haih Ha Ji Muih, Ji Muih ge Chyuhngaasih. I hear in the back her whole family go HAHAHAHA! together. (Here we should explain that Tessa's last name means Loud Laughter or Laughing Loudly; Which seems to be quite a source of amusement but also endearing)
A lot of people have commented on my language. They are impressed that I have only been here a month. One of our investigator's nieces(who is not a member) came to church and was talking to us. when she heard that I had only been here as long as I had, she looked at me and said in very good english: I think God has given you a gift."...I was like wow. thank you. haha. I love learning the language. We only get an hour to study each day. And sometimes only half an hour though.
I got to See Maa Jeung Louh this week! Elder Jeffe Martinez! Wow, you can really tell what an awesome missionary he has become! It was so fun to have that little piece of Salt Lake City in Hong Kong!
One thing that I have realized already on my mission is how dear to me my family is. How grateful I am that Christ has made eternal families a possibility. If I hadn't ever put my papers in or take this leap of faith, I would have never known how much they love me. Going through hard times as a family unit helps broaden our view on God's eternal family and His plan for us to return to Him again. Their support, sacrifice, and unconditional love has been such a resource of hope and light to me during this time of my life and I will NEVER forget that. I was able to bear my testimony to a less active man who had been contemplating whether or not to leave his wife and children. I told him that because families play such a significant role in our lives, they can be the greatest source of sorrow and pain, but because they are the center of God's plan, they can also be the brightest light in our life, and the source to which we can turn to when we are empty and low. Families are fovever through our Savior Jesus Christ

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