Thursday, July 30, 2015

This week has been the biggest bag of ups downs and upside downs. haha we have had some really awesome miracles, but have had some tension in our companionship and a few arguments.  Anyways, let's not dwell on the dark side of the moooooon (Mulan reference) we've had some really great little miracles this week! The best of which being our new absolutely golden investigator,  ---- -!!!

  ----- is a girl we found out in the pouring rain who was willing to stop and listen to us. Actually rain finding is the best. We find the elect because Chinese people are so scared of rain, so whoever stops and talks to us is humble enough to accept the gospel.    ------- is the cutest most humble little thing! I love her so much and am just so excited for her. When we were out in the rain chatting ,she asked if our church was open and we gave her a tour and taught a lesson on Christ. She said she really wanted to learn more so we met again and showed her the movie, "Finding Faith in Christ". She has been reading and praying as well. The only thing we are nervous about is that her father is a christian of another church. We really hope and pray she doesn't get antied but we are trying to find a time to meet her whole family as well. Pray for her!!

Wow, I'm sure Jack's baptism was just the best! He looks so happy in that pic! It made me cry and he emailed me and told me we could go to the temple together when I get back!! I am SOO excited for that day!!! You guys are awesome. Continue to love and support him. Every recent convert needs three things. You guys already know but 1. a friend 2. a calling/assignment 3. nourished by the good word of god...FHE, scripture reading, institute..etc..
Hey I wonder what Noah is doin these days....

 ------ is back and is stubborn as ever! haha I was so happy to see her again this week. We went to a members house to have FHE with her. Please pray for her to have more faith.

We've had some great family lessons this week as well with part member families and visiting people at their homes, so the Lord is blessing us and we don't even deserve it as a companionship!!

Mom, you are the BEST! I can really tell you are doing such a great job of balancing everybody's needs and schedules and tending to them by giving your best effort. I don't know if you read dad's email or he read yours but he addresses this problem of feeling like our best is not enough or fearing that we are not fulfilling what is required of us. He says: 
  "I recall occasionally being very concerned and worried for my investigators in the mission field.  At times I was a little frantic and nearly worried myself sick when they would miss an appointment or have a spiritual setback.  Frankly I was feeling like their whole welfare was on my shoulders and I worried that I was not up to the task, that I was not adequate or that I would forget something.  What I know now that I didn't realize then was that their ultimate spiritual welfare was not on my shoulders.  Yes I was engaged in the Lord's work which is serious business but it was, after all, his work, not mine.  I was playing an important role being an instrument in his hands, but he was ultimately responsible, not me.  My responsibility was to do all that I could reasonably do with my limitations and the limitations of my companionship and circumstances, not to mention the free agency of my investigators to cooperate with us or not.   HF has a plan to offer the gospel to everyone of his children with or without our help.  So our responsibility is to do all that we can reasonably do, with the emphasis on "reasonable".  Make an offering of your time and talents to serve the Lord, do what you can do, and take joy and comfort in knowing that the Lord stands at the helm of this great work and expects you to experience happiness with your companions and investigators and peace of mind in your limitations.  You are adequate, your companions are adequate, and your investigators will ultimately find peace with the Lord in this life or the next.  Work hard, trust in the Lord completely, choose to be happy in your circumstances and with your limitations and other's limitations, and the Lord will bless you with the knowledge that he has accepted your gift of devotion and service."
Keep reading the scriptures daily and he will guide and direct you!!!

you guys are awesome. Keep doing family prayer and scripture reading each day. It will bless Jack as well as he continues to learn and progress in the gospel:))))
Sister Ha

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tessa sent a wonderful letter this week.  They are being blessed in their work.  Her letter was just a little too personal and witty to share publicly but if any family wants it just email her mom.

This week I've really realized a weakness I need to over come: this weakness is not being able to find a balance between working hard, using time wisely, developing talents, skills, language and being relaxed/enjoying my time. It drives me crazy because I feel like there is just an ongoing battle constantly between these two very different frames of mind. I want to be lighter and more accepting of things because I know it will make me happier and have the spirit more easily, but then I want to give all I have to work hard and be exactly obedient and learn the language and develop skills. I just for some reason feel like I can't accomplish both at the same time. I don't know what to do.

Today we go to the temple and have interviews with President Lam, so no rest for this pday, but it should be good. I'm trying to think of a question to ask Pres Lam. Any thoughts?
 I love you all, thanks for the emails and prayers and putting my name in the temple. My very favorite scripture of the week is D&C 6;13-16. Some times we don't realize the Lord has been leading us up to this point and time in our lives the whole time. This is a great scripture to keep in mind. We are going to use it for __tonight. P.S., mom thanks for the suggestion on asking __ to pray for me! It totally worked because when we were talking on the phone she explained that only my prayers were useful and heard. I asked if she had been praying for Sister Ha and she said yes and I had told her the difference I felt! Prooved her wrong!

Sista Ha
No pic this week so DSU Cross Country

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

 You all look great! Thanks for the photos. Phiphs, Leih pihngsih hai bindouh haih huhngsik tauhfaat ge gwaimuih?!! hahaha (Since when have you been a little ginger white girl?) That's what  people call foreigners here. Gwai muih or gwai lou. ha. You're having JEFFE over for FHE?! fun!! I'm not mad, that'll be awesome! He was such a great missionary here so I'm sure he'll have lots of great stories. Invite Jack! or Corndog. I'm so excited that Jack is getting' baptized so soon! Have you seen him at all lately? Have him over with missionaries or his girlfriend for FHE or somethin. 

H. Family: we visited a less active and her husband last night. The dad reminded me a lot of you, Dad. He was the most humble sweetest guy ever and just needs the gospel so badly. It was kind of a poignant (is that how you spell it?) moment on my mission because I remember bearing my testimony about the BOM and how it can bring unity and blessings to their family. I even started to cry and i think it totally weirded them out. But I just wanted the blessings for them so badly. It's sad when people don't fully understand the way the gospel can bless their lives. You just want to trade them positions for a few days so that they can see it from your perspective. We hopefully will visit them next week.

 I had a pretty strong feeling to go less active finding the other day even though we had planned regular finding. I told my comp and she wasn't so happy about it, but we still went. And good thing! We found our less active's 23 yr old son, J. We taught him for like almost two hours outside of his door. Mostly in English because his English was hou jehng. He is still trying to decide whether or not to believe in God , but it really has been a cool experience teaching him about the plan of salvation and the atonement. I hadn't explained that in English for a looming time. So it felt good. It's just so interesting sometimes how people can't accept it even though it makes sense 100%. We had another lesson with him to turn him over to the elders and he has already softened his heart a bit.

Stinky British Dog: An old man yelled at me and called me a stinky British dog. That is a stinky AMERICAN dog, thank you very much.

Typhoon 8: We were locked in our apartments for a few hours this week because of the big bad (only sprinkling a little rain) typhoon level eight. They even texted us to tape our windows. haha. I think it rained for like five minutes. 

Time is getting shorter out here in the mission field and I just wanted to express how grateful I am  for it. Even if it is hard, I have strengthened my testimony of Christ and the restoration immensely. I'm so grateful for the BOM. I know its true without a doubt. It has brought such comfort and peace and answers to me during my mission. I love that book so much! I'm grateful for the anchoring assurance of the truthfulness of the gospel. It is a sense of belonging I have taken for granted throughout my life. But now I know how lucky I am. Thank you for all of your great testimonies strengthening mine!!!
My favorite scripture for the week D&C 88:77-80...When we truly try to diligently teach and learn the gospel, it enhances our understanding in other aspects of our lives and prepares us for other "missions" the Lord will call us on later in our lives.
Sista HA

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wow, you guys are gettin more baptisms than I am out here! ha That is sooo awesome that Jack is gettin' baptized!!! I guess he has been takin lessons this time but hasn't been telling anyone? ha super coooool...I will definitely keep prayin for him. 

On friday I sang a duet with Sister Bosler called "My Kindness Shall not Depart From Thee" its a really beautiful song. And Sister Karli Bosler has a great voice. You can look her up on Facebook. That was fun and even President Lam walked in at the last part. He called us angels. Speaking of which, we got a new MP this week. He is different than President Hawks but says he still holds the same standards and principles, like obedience. He is more relaxed and casual though. Even to the point of talking about circumcision in our Q and A meeting. bwahaha what?!!! I guess he IS a gynocologist.  I like Sister Lam a lot. She is seriously one of the most humble people I have met. They are both converts. Grew up in HK and moved to CA. Sister Lam was converted first with their three little boys and it took President Lam years to follow. He talks about the logical side of the church.  I finally found Aunt Lori's asian doppleganger, Sister Lam!! Wow so much alike!!! I will send a pic. haha

Y'all are great. Keep up the great work. I'm so glad you're all happy and that Penny and Aria are doing well. She has sent me so many cute pictures. If i would ask for anything to send, maybe more lemon balm? 

I love you. My favorite scripture this week was Ether 4:12

The BIG BUDDHA, New Comp, LA miracle, Singin with Sista Bosler‏

I don't have a lot of time because today my computer is bein whaaack. But We went to big Buddha last Monday. it was sooo awesome. on a huge mountain. Then I had two bad dreams this week so I am scared there is some kind of weird Chinese Buddha spirit followin me. 
Then I got my new comp Sister Tse. She is a good teacher and does well with our investigators.
This week we get a new mission president. so weird. We will meet with him on wednesday our district. I wonder if he changes any rules like music? I will always be grateful to have had pres hawks though. I have learned so much from him.
S. is our investigator. We have a real good relationship and I feel like I can joke and be myself around her. 
It took planning and time in advance, but we finally met our LA we have been trying to get a hold of forever. Smarty pants sista ha brought a member and we just showed up at her house in the morning. haha it was a perfect set up and we rescheduled her!
love you. some one is kicking me off.