Monday, November 30, 2015

Firstly thanks for the pics. You guys look all grown up! Hopefully I recognize you when I get home.
 We've had quite the round of events this week. Starting off with a flooded apartment! Remember when my apartment in college flooded and we had to live in a hotel for three days the week before finals? haha I thought I heard Sister Taylor doing the dishes for an unusually loooong amount of time one morning went in to find out our whole bathroom floor was flooded and water was spraying out of the water hose under the sink. Within like thirty seconds half our apartment floor had been covered. haha that is how small the apartments are. I needed to act fast! haha so grabbed the pipe and the water hose and held them together for literally almost half an hour while doing the Asian squat. haha the water pressure was so high and I was praying really hard the whole time to HF to give me more arm strength because my arms were shaking like jello. bwaha. Prayer works! Finally the elders came over and the repair man found the water button thing. So we spent hours mopping the water back into buckets. It was fun. I will send a pic.
Our investigator Sister ____ is doing incredibly well! She really likes reading the BOM and has been super active in church meetings and activities. We are so excited for her!! ______, on the other hand has not been answering our phone calls:( Don't know why but please pray for her.

My favorite part of the week was teaching our less active Sister ____ who is from Thailand. She is the cutest most humble little lady you'd ever meet! She wants to come back to church but works at a Thai restaurant and has to work on Sundays. She says that she doesn't want to switch jobs because at the previous restaurants she has worked at she gets "teased" (don't know how to say it in English) for not knowing Chinese characters. But our lesson with her was so spirit filled and I could really feel HF leading Sister Taylor and I and the member in helping Sister ____ realize her faith to come back. After that, her  husband Mr. ____ offered to show us the way to a members house that we didn't know how to get to. He is quite a character but he likes the missionaries and always welcomes us to his home. 
Yes, we had thanksgiving dinner both as a zone and as a ward. They were both really great and super fun to think of ideas for the zone missionaries.
We met a really great family from Thailand the other day and taught them in their home. A mom and son _____ and ______. It was really such a tender mercy to meet the son because we had forgotten the time of the appointment and had to run all the way to her house. We found just her son home and stood at the door talking to him unto his mom got home then taught the both of them about the plan of happiness and families. They were really receptive. Pray for them pplease!
See you soon and can't wait!
Sister Hadley

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