Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tsing Yi! A, A-Yan, Stinky Tofu, Black Rain, JJ, Brother F.and Aunt Lori‏

It has felt like a really long week with moving into a new area with new people and a new companion. My companion is Sister Law. She is a native Hong Kongian. I thought she was shorter than me. She is the girliest girl Ithink I have ever met.  Her english is perfect, and so we have been mostly communicating using english.  But the first day we just spoke all cantonese so hopefullly I can keep that up. I think you are right, I really need to treasure this month with her and do all I can to really learn the language. She says my Cantonese is really good so she has been giving me some good motivation to learn more. But she also really likes speaking english. Its her birthday today so you can send her an email. 

Tsing Yi is an island and so we walk along the pier almost everyday. It is so beautiful. It's pretty small so hopefully I can learn my way around within a month. The ward is pretty tiny but so far they are all really nice. Sister Law told me that Tsing Yi was built for the crazy people a long time ago so that is why the landscape is beautiful and relaxing. ha.

A. was one of the first investigators I taught here. We have a lot more lessons than in Sha Tin. She is sooooo special to me already. and I just have this huge love for her. She is a middle-aged woman and is pretty lonely. She has a dog that she loves very much named Saa Gaa but is sick and old. So yeah our first lesson was just kind of very sad and I felt pretty bad for her, but the next day she came to our bread activity that Sister Law organized, and she looked just a teeny tiny bit more happy. We are best friends already. Haha when she was walking out the door I told her how happy I was to meet her and she turned around and smiled and said: I really like you:) haha she is so cute. Pray for A.

Stinky Tofu because Sister Law fed me stinky tofu and it smelled like death, but was worth the experience.

Black rain  because it has been raining cats and dogs here. There are different levels of rain. Black is the worst and you can't leave your house when we have black, but i don't know if it got that bad. We were soaking wet everyday though!

J.J. is our less-active's son. He almost died when he was seven years old. Their family attended a church activity and he fell into the pool but couldn't swim so passed out for 23 hours. He cannot do anything on his own and his mom just takes care of him all the day long. It is kind of heartbreaking. But I got to meet them and we got to sing to them. I am a child of God. I sang english and sister law sang chinese. it was so good and the spirit was strong. 

So Aunt Lori's convert Brother F. is in my bishopbric! We went and had dinner with him and his wife and when he told me I almost cried! It was so cool and he showed me pictures of Aunt Lori.

So it has been a long but good week. We had interviews with President Hawks and he told me that it really felt right to send me here. So I think I've already felt that same way as well. I. from Sha Tin accepted a baptismal date in July.  Please pray for her.

No pics from Hong Kong this week so here is a MTC oldie
MTC Southeast Asia Zone Tessa Front left next to her bestie CCM member Brandon C.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sister Shoemaker and Sister Hadley

Birthday cake from a Hong Kong Friend

The zone leaders told me I am moving back to the Kowloon district to a place called Tsing Yi. I am switching places with Sister Killpack whose companion right now is Sister Law. She is a native and is so tiny and cute. I am with her now so I will take a pic. Today we are going to the temple. You would not believe that i packed in an hour and a half and my suit cases are literally about to burst haha.

My birthday was good. My comp made me lunch and dessert, pres sister hawks called and wished happy birthday, along with two other phone calls, and then our less active gave us cake, and we taught a family lesson on the street! It was a good two oh. 

This week we also had zone conference. President Hawks gave his last words. He even got emotional, and he never does! He has been such an awesome mission president. And wow he works hard. China Hong Kong mission has some of the most dedicated and obedient hard working missionaries because of the principles he has drilled in us. Three things I will always remember about president Hawks;
1. He loves the Lord
2. He loves Sister Hawks
3. He loves the Book of Mormon
4. He loves Obedience.

I also went on exchanges this week with Sister Shoemaker. She is so funny laid back, and relaxed. She is my sister Trainer leader and she is the beeeeeest!

When I got the call to move I had such a range and mix of emotions. I immediately broke down crying. It was a sad and happy cry. Sad because I have a deep love for Sha Tin, the area, the members, my investigators. I literally was convinced I would stay here for the rest of my mission. And happy cry because I felt like this spiritual reassurance that Heavenly Father was proud of me. It was like all of these emotions at once.

This week I. came to church and BROUGHT HER HUSBAND????WHAT? but only for like 45 minutes because they needed to go visit her mom who has cancer. At least he came!!! so cool! I am going to miss I. so much she is so awesome and I know she is gonna get baptized!

George, you can not have a girlfriend.
Thank you, 
Sista Ha
(George is her little brother but his name isn't really George.  It's a long story)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day!!!

This week, we've found some miracles on the street and taught some super awesome lessons with the spirit. This morning I was praying so hard to have a good phone call and feel light-hearted and that's exactly how it went. I was so grateful to talk to you all and I guess the next time I will hear your voices is in the airport in seven months. haha...Thank you so much for the birthday presents I am wearing them right now and have already gotten lots of compliments! Way to have great sense of style, Mom! I also got both grandmas' birthday cards, so if you could thank them for me, that'd be totes appreciated. Signin out.

Sister Hadley

P.S. This picture is of me and T. my ward member who is my bff and chinese twin

Sister Ha's email is short this week because she was able to call us on Mother's Day.  It was sooooo wonderful to hear her voice!!!  Her birthday is this week and she opened her present while on the phone with us.  Aria was able to be home so it was like having the whole family together.

Monday, May 4, 2015

The World of Paak Muhning, Ice Ice and Baby feelin' the Spirit, The Verdict‏

We'll start with the verdict. Which is I am to stay with the Sister Alipao for another two months of my life:) I get to stay in beautiful bounteous Sha Tin! wahoo!

The world of paak muhning. paak muhning means finding through knocking on doors and ringing doorbells. We just found out that we have a few little areas in Sha Tin to do this. So we've tried it a few times this week. The biggest area is literally in a jungle mountain on the outskirts of Sha Tin. We went at night. BAD IDEA. There are stray dogs around every corner and the houses made of metal scraps look like they are gonna collapse if you knock even once. haha I literally felt like I was walking through a haunted house for an hour. Plus Sister Alipao is really scared of dogs so we probably won't go back there. Its kind of fun though because it gets your blood a pumpin and you have even a stronger desire to get inside a home away from the jungle beasts. I felt like I was in Brazil or Africa or something.

I. and her daughter came to church on Sunday. Haha I wish I had a pic of her because that would say it all. She has got like a half shaved head and is such a hipsta mama. In relief society meeting, when a woman was finished giving a spiritual thought at the front of the room, I. burst into a round of applause. bwahaha it was so her and so funny. They liked church. Also, the day before, we took them on a tour of the chapel and talked about the spirit. We watch the mormon message, "Mountains to Climb" which was really great because it touched her and she said she really felt the spirit. She is doin' great. Please pray for her to feel the spirit even more and have her husband come to church.

Even though today I feel a little grouchy or something, I've had some really awesome spiritual experiences and confirmations this week. I've felt a really strong desire come back to me to share the message of the gospel. That is an answer from Heavenly Father. You all look great and I can't even believe Connor's call! That is soooo awesome!! (Sister Ha's cousin, Connor, she went to high school with and used to tell people they were twins is going to Trinidad on an LDS Mission)

Seester Ha

exchange with sister Taylor

K. a new convert and Chinese Bestie

The district