Monday, December 7, 2015

Thank you all for your emails and pictures. It has been a pretty good week. We gave our Zone Training Meeting last Friday and it wasn't as organized or as fulfilling as we had hoped for, but it was still good and I think helped the elders and sisters look forward to sharing the gospel during Christmas season.

 I've been really blessed this week to be able to give last testimonies. Last night all the departing missionaries spoke at a fireside and it was super fun and cool to see everybody and how they've changed. We were only supposed to give a two minute testimony but I think mine was five. haha oops. It was just really neat and fun to be up sharing experiences and I felt the gift of tongues so strongly like I could just be up for an hour speaking fluent Chinese. It was actually kind of weird in the moment just realizing that I was up on a stand in China speaking fluent Chinese and making an audience of Asians laugh at my jokes. I shared about how difficult it was to come out and how I told you two to come pick me up at the airport haha but how I was grateful you didn't and about meeting the handicapped girl and praying with her. It was really so fun and people came up to me afterwards to thank me for some of the things I said they needed to hear.
Our investigators are doing well. Sister _____ is so stinkin cute. She literally tells everyone she meets about how it was God's plan that one day that we found her in the park with her dog. and how I came back to Kwai Fong. She fasted with us yesterday for her first husband who died last year to meet the missionaries in the spirit world. Wow, I was pretty impressed with how she thought that through actually. And then in sacrament meeting almost all of the testimonies born were about the plan of salvation and we could tell she totally felt the spirit. My bishop told me to persuade her to get baptized before I leave, but I don't know.   However, tomorrow she set up a time that her and her husband will be out to lunch and we can accidentally swing by to eat with them.
Sister ______ is doing well. She has really changed and is becoming more humble. We can see the spirit working with her. She is also slowly starting to make more friendships in the ward with the sisters. ____ has started taking lessons from the elders so that should help. hopefully.
I'm trying to give me all the last time but its sometimes really hard like sometimes I don't even realize that I am thinking about coming home like its always in the back of my mind.
I can't even wait to see you guys. I think I might even be a little too excited. I will definitely tell my ward members how grateful you are for them and bear my testimony next week in sacrament meeting. I already bought the magnets and ornament haha and other souvenirs.
Did you guys know Jack is gettin' hitched?

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