Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hey so ends up they actually cancelled mission conference meeting with Elder Nelson:( Don't know why but maybe he doesn't feel well or something. Thank you for your emails. Y'all have been true and faithful my whole mission with that. Means so much to me. This week was full of ups and downs. One of the highest ups was seeing Sister _____baptism. She is literally glowing! It's like looking at a different person and she just seems a lot happier:)) So grateful. Also, we had the opportunity to teach ____ about Joseph Smith last night. He said that one way he can more fully follow Joseph Smith's example is pray and be baptized, however did not really accept the invitation. There is just SOMETHING holding him back and I'm not sure what it is, but I think he has been thinking about it more recently. I sat by him yesterday in Stake Conference because he had no one to sit by him. what a trooper he was to sit through two hours of conference while being sick and tired. I tried to think of what would be most fun for him, so we ended up coloring a picture in the back of the liohona magazine originally meant to be a little girl and her grandma watering flowers and turned it into his grandma and grandpa with mustaches, wrinkles, falling out teeth and huge bees stinging their faces. haha it was fun and helped him forget about how sick he was. No, I didn't get one thing out of stake conference. 

 Lately, I have pondered this question very deeply: How can I more fully and bravely share myself and ideas and talents with also accepting and completely supporting others in their ideas and what they want to do? Its so hard to find this balance. So, yeah, I need to repent because there has been some pressure between us just a little bit. But we talked about it and it is a lot better now.
But, you are so right mom, good thing we have Jesus Christ who makes up for our shortcomings and our flaws. It's all just a choice whether or not we accept that gift he has given us.

Sorry this email isn't that spiritual.
Last week I may have received some revelation or inspiration about living at home this next semester. I just emailed Holladay Orthodontics office and asked if they had any internship/service volunteer opportunities. I remember watching a girl just a year older than me, one of Madi's friends, work as an intern there. That way I could just go to school at SLCC stay home and get some experience as well. Let me know what you think.
Sophia, You are awesome. its just everyone around you is not as awesome. But don't worry I will be back soon for you to rely on my awesomeness.
Dad, way to go!! Brownie point for you in heaven!! Let me know what she emails back
Keep up the good work,
Sister Ha

Monday, October 19, 2015

This week has been chalk full of tender mercies and miracles

This week has been chalk full of tender mercies and miracles with Sister ____and her baptism!!
Sister Taylor and I have seen so much of the Lord's hand in our work recently and He has answered so many of my prayers. I will share two of the most awesome experiences that happened:
Numero uno
Sister Taylor and I were more than (insert your favorite idiom because I'm editing Tessa's) to tell Sister ____ that she needed to stop some of her ancestors worship tendencies before she is able to get baptized.  So we planned a really super solid lesson on how because of Christ's Atonement we don't need to worship God using sacrifices or incense  and all that stuff that they used to do. Rather than we CAN'T He has told us that we don't NEED to. We centered the lesson on giving a broken heart and contrite spirit to Christ as a form of worshipping Him. While we were in the lesson, our members and Sister ____ started going off on different tangents and topics. We were praying so hard to have it back focused in what we had planned to share because it was literally like the do-or-die lesson. I prayed that Heavenly Father would just fill my mouth with the words I needed to say and that was exactly what He did! Seriously all I did was open my mouth and the perfect message came out that was 100% from the spirit and not from me. It was really just so cool to feel the power and authority of my calling in that moment. I've never felt it like that before and my Chinese isn't usually as clear as it came out. A moment I will never forget! After that we had a super awesome spirit filled lesson and resolved concerns.
Numero two-o
This whole week Heavenly Father has just planned perfect little experiences like the one above and many more to tell me that Sister ____ was ready to be baptized. However, something had still been holding me back. I really just wanted to KNOW so badly that she had a testimony of Christ and was getting baptized for that reason. I had been praying for some kind of confirmation of a sort to know that she was good to go. After church yesterday, we just went through the rundown with her about how the meeting will go and all that. She all of a sudden said "You know what's so cool? I was just laying in my bed last night before I went to sleep and just had the most apparent feeling of just how real The Lord Jesus Christ is." I immediately started crying because I had been waiting for her to say something like that for the looongest time. It was such an answer to my prayers. The baptism was great and now we are working on ____ before I leave to Tokyo!:)
Thanks for all your love and prayers and support in behalf of The _____.
Sista Ha

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

So big news is that Sister Taylor and I have been called to be our zone's Sister Training Leaders. Its basically like sister zone leaders kind of.haha we help all the sisters and elders in our zones and do conferences with the two zone leaders. Super fun!! So yes, I will be finishing my mission with sista Tay! Super excited.
Other BIG NEWS is that Sister _____ is getting baptized this Sunday!   In the baptismal interview they ask,  Do you believe God is your eternal Father and do you believe His Son Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world? I want her to gain a testimony of them and have a personal relationship with them. She doesn't quite grasp the idea of Christ's Atonement and how it is evidence that He is God, but then on the other hand she has really recognized how the gospel and coming to church has blessed her life and ___ and how she really wants to build this relationship with God.  I've received a few spiritual confirmations telling me it is going to be okay. (from conference, sister Taylor,....) Sister Taylor told me that she really feels it is the reason I came back to Kwai Fong and she has felt that since she found out we were going to be companions. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Thanks for the package Auntie. 
This week we fasted for Sister ____and ___ twice. The first time was on wednesday and was literally the most sanfu fast I've eva done! haha it reminded me of the emotional breakdowns that fasting would cause me when I was going through puberty! bwahaha I felt like I was gonna die. Maybe that's why they tell us to drink water even while fasting in Hong Kong. haha but it was all worth it because they've made some progression. We've found out that Sister ____ really does have a desire to follow Christ and bless her family with his teachings when we had a lesson on D&C 20:37 about our hearts and desire before baptism. And ___has gone from "Wait til I'm 16." to " I will think and pray about it" He did mention one very key thing that Sister Taylor was able to pull out of him he is nervous that if he gets baptized the relationship between him and his sister and dad will change. But both of them fasted this sunday! So cool! Sister ___ said she was fasting for her family and then her daughter just messaged her from Taiwan saying that she just ran into a couple of sister missionaries and talked a little bit! So cool how fast Heavenly Father answers prayers.Please Pray for them!!

Elder James is an angel that was sent from heaven we got to meet this week in our zone training. He is from Salt Lake City and is a new senior missionary here in Hong Kong. Just about the most Christlike humble person I've ever met. He deals with a very serious tremor in his voice and hands and head that he received when he was 16 years old. He served as a full time missionary in Hong Kong at 20 years old where he met his wife (one of his converts whom he had baptized). During our break between sessions of zone training, I felt prompted to go up and introduce myself and I'm so glad I did!! Every word that comes out of his mouth is just so kind and selfless. He says he sees his serious tremor as a huge blessing Heavenly Father has given him and how it has been used as a tool in his life to love others more. Basically, I will never be as cool as Elder James but I hope that I can become more like him!!

Matt 16:25 is the motto for the last months of my mission. I just so badly want to forget myself and lose myself in the service of others and for their happiness. Any suggestions?
I love you all and you look like youre doing great. We watch conference on sat and sun. SO EXCITED!!!! Did you know two of the new apostles I've already met and talked with in Hong Kong twice with?

See you in a few
Sista Ha