Friday, September 4, 2015

One of the best parts of this week was being able to see my previous investigators at church, Sister ___and little (not so little anymore) ____!! It was so great to see that they are still investigating the church. ____has been ready since the first day we found them. We had a lesson with them after church and he is just like a little angel. Everything he says you can tell is really coming from his heart. Even simple statements like, "Because I know Jesus is real." We can tell that what he says affects Sister ____ and hopefully she can overcome some of her fears about joining the church ( giving up buhddism). I think she is scared that baptism is just going to completely change her identity and get rid of all the many other things that are a part of her and her growing up.
Sister Taylor and I have been soo excited to work with the members in this ward. We made an awesome plan that just basically consists of building a rock solid relationship with each member and it has been working so far so good. Any suggestions? What have the missionaries done in our ward that helps you build your trust in them? 
"Here is Hope" is a song that I sang at our last zone training meeting and in the lesson with Sister Jeung and Sam. The verses are very meaningful to me:
"He who healed our sorrows, here was bruised and broken,
He whose love no end knows
He was forsaken, left all alone.
Here despair cries boldly, claiming this its victory,
Sweeter peace unfolds me.
Hope did not die here, but here was given.
Here is hope.
He who was rejected, He knows well my longing,
He so long expected
Carried our burdens, bore every sorrow.
Here is hope. And ours is the victory.
Here is hope."
It is from "The Lamb of God" if you want to look it up.
_____ is an investigator that Sister Kartchner and I found sitting on a bench one day. Sister ___ is super golden awesome. But her husband has a lot against Christianity. Apparently some christian in some place offended him one day or something? 
Anyways, we gave her a baptismal date of Oct. 18 if you could please pray for her. She has to get an operation before then so doesn't know if she can, but nonetheless set the goal.
____ is another investigator that Sister Kartchner and I called up one day.  Wow, she has changed a lot though! The gospel does amazing things. she has a bap date for oct and a quit smoking date for this week. Pray for her please.
More about Sister Taylor:
She is from Alpine Utah. She has six older brothers and one older sister, all of whom have served full time missions. Her parents are currently serving as senior couple missionaries in South Africa. She played on Celtic Storm soccer club team. She works really hard and we are both exhausted.
I love youall. Share the gospel this week. And tell Amanda Happy B-day. I am writing her a letter.
Sister Hadley
PS I wanted your advice on teaching people with learning/mental/physical disabilities . Seems these days we have A LOT of those kind of investigators. 

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