Sunday, November 16, 2014

Chopstick Hairdo

chopstick hairdo
These past few days have been bad and good. We've witnessed some miracles. The best of which was with Kelly, our new investigator. She is a member referral. So we were just having a normal lesson. I offered  to say the opening prayer. I was asking HF to bless her family. I couldn't really think of what to specifically bless them with, but i got a prompting to just bless them with peace. I asked HF to have him help her understand and know that these things that we're telling her are true. After the prayer, I looked up and she was crying. She explained that I kind of like took the words right out of her mouth and that they were exactly what she needed. She kept explaining to us while she was crying that she felt so warm around us and that she didn't understand why because she had just met us! We then explained that it was the Holy Ghost...She couldn't really grasp her mind around the Holy Ghost but was totally feeling it. We then read 3 Ne 32:2-3 explaining how angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost. She kept pointing to me and saying Ha Ji Muih jauh haih tinsi haha Sister Hadley is an angel! haha It was kind of embarassing but I just really appreciated it because maybe Panda Bear (dad) is right: maybe there really are people in Hong Kong that need me. That need me to be an angel to them. So, that was a really cool experience. The Holy Ghost is REAL. Also, E has been progressing pretty good..she told us that since she has been meeting with us she feels God's power and its like he has opened her heart! Way cool. But, L.our other investigator told us she doesn't want to be baptized anymore. I cried a little bit after meeting with her, but I think just because I felt like the Savior and Heavenly Father were still just proud of me for giving her that opportunity. She will get more. You guys are awesome. I don't know when I'll see you but I really hope that as you grow and progress, I can as well!! Okay ta ta for now.
SisterSa Ha Leih 

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