Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ward Party?

This Week we had a special ward outing out in the new territories of Hong Kong. We took a big bus and made different stops all around.

 First stop: grocery store (haha what?) and eating little gift from our tour guide: soy sauce! 

Next stop: Seafood dinner (I know people's mouths will be watering and it would be very pricey at home, but not my thing, not yet) Basically, didn't eat anything but rice. I tried almost everything but then would hide it under my plate haha.

 Last Stop: Feeding goats!(what? haha) Why didn't the Olympus 5th ward think of these things?!

(Considering Tessa wants to be an orthodontist, I'm sure she loved this little goat)

(Tessa has had some previous experience with a very similar looking goat)

Weird stuff, but nonetheless fun! I've gained some pretty good relationships with some members. They even made me sing I am a Child of God on the bus with the microphone haha. It was really great to see the role of a ward family in the lives of these people. It really is essential. Gives you a
sense of belonging. I want my investigators to have this so badly!

(Ummm...excuse me is this the ladies restroom?)

On Tuesday we went finding for five hours. Finding in Hong Kong is soo challenging! Almost NOBODY wants to talk to us. And when they do they are already GeiDukgaau (Christian). Actually, you wouldn't believe how many people are Christian here. A good 40 % of t he people i talk to! 

We over heard some grandpa pohpos talking about the Africans (referring to Sister J and I) We just looked at each other like what?! haha. It's funny, when people guess where we're from, the last place they guess is America haa. 

Some other amusing things in Hong Kong are:

 1) The shirts with quotes written in poor English that they have no idea what they of my investigators shirts says..Everyone so happy. The Smile. haha Makes me wonder what all those "Chinese" tattoos in America really say. hahaha 

 2) Bare Beer Belly Buddies: Sooo many men will show off they're beer bellies by just lifting up their shirts when they feel their belly needs a little air. They're HUGE!haah
3) Mid-sentence burps: Self-explanatory.  Use them as if they are just another ending particle haha. 
As Liberace would say. . ."I wish my brother George were here."

Yesterday, we got to teach L. and C., two of our progressing investigators! They are doing sooo well! We gave them a baptismal date: November 30th and they accepted! L is soo humble. She has been dealing with a very hard trial. She so badly wants her daughter to have more opportunities and feel loved. I feel that not only this gospel can help her, but also the members, the friends, good atmosphere, and a better way of life.  When we left the other night, she gave me a big SMOOCH on the cheek (more like the ear haha). It was the cutest. We are seeing miracles here! (We better be! We fasted for 13 hours yesterday!) These are the moments that make the hard days worth it. Missionary work is so rewarding! Elder Jeffery R. Holland says it is one of the most important things we can do in our lives, as equally important as raising children! I hope to see more miracles as I serve the Lord and I feel all of your prayers in my behalf!
Thank you soo much!

-Ha Ji Muih

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