Monday, October 27, 2014

New Transfer, New Companion, Bye-bye Sister Johnson:(

This week my companion Sister Johnson left. She's on the plane back to Cedar City right now! 
Thank you for everything Sister Johnson.  I got a new companion, Sister Kartchner! She is honestly the most humble and kind person I know! What a blessing. She has only been in Hong Kong for about four months. So, we are two very new missionaries! Language will be a task. But a task that we are both willing to tackle! Sister Kartchner has six older brothers and two older sisters, all of which have served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. So, that basically sums up how amazing of a missionary she already is. 

We taught quite a few of our investigators this week. It was very busy! Probably not comparably to any Mexican mission or South American mission, but it's not about the number of baptisms or lessons you get in a week. It's about the hearts you touch with the love of Christ. 

We taught Sister L and her daughter C. C is pretty won't sit down during our lessons, but I think she actually listens to our every word. Just doesn't want to show it haha. (Mom and Dad please pray for her) We so badly want them to get baptized together! Sister L cannot read Chinese characters very well, but in Sunday school when it was her turn to read, she took a deep breath and read the entire paragraph by herself! I was so proud! She looked right at me afterwards and was holding her heart and gasping  because she was so nervous. ha I just gave her a big thumbs up! She is so funny.

 Also, We taught A-syut. A-syut is a 73 (soon to be 74) year old grandma. She is so hou sai leih. She swims everyday and has a spunky personality. She always gives us free swag. And this week we got some scarves with crosses on them. haha! She did not accept our baptismal invitation this week, but that is okay. We will keep at it, because I know in her heart she wants this. Her family plays a big role in this decision of hers. (mom, and dad please pray for her) But, she has so much faith! She is so strong and willing to gain a testimony of this gospel! At church this Sunday, counting investigators and the people they brought, we had 12! Wow, That is literally unheard of in Hong Kong! Such a miracle.

 I got to see Sister Johnson's parents at church! They are such nice people! I almost got a little emotional seein' them all together and made me miss my own folks a little bit. Well, I've come to a conclusion, the only way to serve a mission for the Lord, is to do it with his love. I've tried other ways and it doesn't work. How else could you be half way across the world away from your family and friends. Nothing else can fuel that sacrifice except that of Charity, the pure love of Christ. Thank you for all your support and prayers in my behalf! I love you all and invite you to see Heavenly Father's children the way he sees them as I am striving to do here!

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