Sunday, December 28, 2014

Room with a View and E Cookies?

Merry Christmas from Hong Kong!
Thank you so so much to everyone for sending letters and pictures! It meant so much to me during this season! I was pretty nervous before Christmas that I would be pretty homesick and miss being away from my family during the holidays, but this has been one of my favorite Christmases eva! It was really soo neat finding on Christmas day. We got to show some people "He is The Gift" on the little portable DVD player we have and it was so fun to watch their faces during the video. I was really able to feel that God loves these people and that the Lord Jesus Christ was sent here for them as well. I wouldn't have changed one thing about Christmas day!
- For english class we taught about cooking (haha like I know ANYTHING about that) and we made the cookies you sent me mom! thank you.

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