Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Love on Sister Kartchner and Little Mulan
 My companion is really great and loving. Definitely an answer to my prayers. I finished my first journal this week so that is an accomplishment and I think I ran five mornings with my comp! I literally almost bull dozed this Chinese man over when I was running back to my apartment. It was such a hard hit! I felt so bad. He looked as if , if i wasn't a little foreign girl trying to find my way around China, he would've clocked me haha. It was like something you'd see in a movie.

 Also found out ARia is pregos! Whoa! I wanna hear all about how she told you and your reaction and everything!

So monday was a really good day! Don't know why but after emailing I felt like i was on cloud nine and I just wanted to be a good missionary and change myself and extend charity to everyone. I think it may have been Aunts and Uncles writing to me idk...haha but it was a real good day filled with hope. It didn't last very long though haha I hate that...when you think it will stay for the rest of your life and mission and then it doesn't even last til the next mornign haha.

Tuesday I had quite a bit of nervous times during teaching and such. I don't know why this happens! But we got another Baptismal date. E. She is eighteen. Sister Johnson and I found her one day. Also Sister L. excepted the invitation to live the word of wisdom without any problem or hesitation. Wednesday, was a pretty good day. Found some answers in the scriptures during personal study.  I realized how funny my comp is. We get along pretty well and she laughs at all my dumb jokes so that's good.

We also taught A the older grandma we've been teaching. I just love her so much. She reminds me of grandma Shann because she's really strong. She has declined two invitations to get baptized but we will keep inviting her. please pray for her. I remember in a blessing that dad gave me...he specifically said I would be helping both the young and the OLD come closer to the savior. I don't know why but that stuck out to me so strongly then. I think she might be the one he was talking about.

 Sunday: was okay, but Satan is working hard because all six of our investigators in the morning canceled on coming to church with us!!!I love you and miss you a lot. too much.
Sister Ha
Sister Ha always loved Mulan

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