Monday, October 13, 2014

President Uchtdorf and 10,000 Buddhas

On Monday, we went to ten thousand Buddhas! It was really sweet actually. 

I'm wondering if there really are ten thousand, cause there is a temple at the top with a ton of little mini ones all around the walls and up to the ceilings. 

The scenery surrounding the site is amazing. It's a Chinese jungle. Green, green, green. So pretty! I've seen two monkeys so far!! 

Elder Uchtdorf's talk on Saturday morning was my very favorite of all conference. I love the way he describes and talks about our Heavenly Father. This is what I was reminded of when listening to His talk...Heavenly Father is real. He is quite literally the Father of our spirits who has given us EVERYTHING. He is eternally and thoroughly in tune with not only the heaviest and most apparent questions, concerns, and challenges of our hearts, but also with the most minute details and feelings of our hearts as well. He doesn't change. His truth is steadfast and abiding. He shares our smallest and biggest accomplishments, desires, hopes, fears, and sorrows. He answers prayers. We do not need to go through this life relying solely upon our own limited strength as imperfect human beings because we have a being of deity who created us and  watches over His flock and is ever and keenly aware of you. Because you are His child and His love is literally infinite. I am grateful for the role this knowlege has played in my life and for the opportunity to share this priceless and precious knowlege with the people of Hong Kong. Thank you all so much for your prayers in my behalf.  Please also pray for our investigators.  Don't miss  this beautiful video clip below.

Here is a video clip of his talk

Here is the full talk

Conference in Cantonese if you are interested

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