Monday, December 8, 2014

 So, this week was a comparatively good week. Had some pretty good things happen. Yesterday, we went to a Christmas music devotional thing. It was really good. And some great music was played. We brought four investigators and one reactivated member.  It was way awesome because before we had time to go look at the temple with all of them. 

This week we again got to teach S.C. T. in the hospital. She has pancreitis(how to spell that?) She has gotten closer to Christ through this experience, but she wouldn't accept our Book of Mormon and she beleives Chrsit and Heavenly Father are one person. But, it's just good to give her comfort especially during Christmas. She was concerned about being in the hospital over Christmas. But I assured her we would bring Chrsitmas to her. 

Sister Kartchner and I were walking outside where they sell stuff. There were these huge bottles that were filled with yellow juice. I asked the lady what they were for and she explained they were to like heal joints or something? Guess what was in the bottom of the bottles. Naked baby rats! And other bottles had huge bees and centipedes. Yes you are supposed to drink it. Gross. We taught a new investigator N.. She has two little kids and is Vietnamese. She is really cute and excited to read the Book of Mormon.

 On Friday we went to Central which is like city city city and it was the most unbelievable place. It's like New York but five times as packed. It was way cool. I'd love to serve there. Anyways...i don't know what else to say. Just keep praying for me that I won't freak out haha. Okay love you all.

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