Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This week in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong:
I ate Dim Sum on p-day. Dim Sum is like an all you can eat buffet Chinese styled meal. So..I ate chicken feet again....okay, i ate a tiny bite of the chicken's foot, but still had to spit out the little bony knuckle and everything, so it definitely counts! Very, very gross. It's so interesting. The food here.  I am not convinced when my trainer promises me my tastebuds will acquire a craving for this "food". Even the 800 calorie moon-cakes are not yummy. But, Elder Dale thinks they are. He shoves them down for breakfast haha. Moon cakes are lotus paste pastries with duck eggs in the middle. Yeah. not quite like a frosty or brownie.  (this might be a hint to send brownies?)

I'm proud to say this week I found Cherilyn W's  Doppelganger. The Chinese Cherilyn is in my ward. She is a great teacher and knows a lot about the gospel like (like Salt Lake Cherilyn). She is also very caring and surprisingly looks quite a bit like cher-bear.

This week, we gave two of our investigators baptismal dates in December. Our mission baptismal goal for December is 65! It was a  great experience when we invited them. The spirit was so strong! I've already seen a change in their countenances and cute little Sam is really, really enjoying church, primary, and activities. I'll never forget his face when he laughs and talks with a cup full of chewed up rice in his mouth. haha Its hilarious. Chinese is already hard enough to understand. ha.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to change lives. Maybe slowly, but nonetheless, still changing. Sam's mom, sister J. has been Buddhist and ancestor worshipping for most of her life and all of a sudden she believes that Christ is her Savior! Wow!  It is the spirit that brings this realization
to others!

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