Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad & Transfer Time

Tessa and Dad at a ward party
Well, first things first: Happy Birthday, Dad! Wow, you're gettin' old. haha. I hope you guys do something fun today! I think you're at the temple square though, right? 

Second thing is second: my stay in Kwai Chung has come to an end:( We found out last night that Sister Kartchner is training so she is taking over the area. Man, I've worked soo hard for these investigators here and really will miss Sister J., little s., sister L., and C. a lot. I feel like I've been here for like five years. I cried a little bit last night when I found out. And I am gonna miss Sister Kartchner too. She was a great companion!So pray for me to have another great one. So I gotta pack ALL  my stuff and be ready to head out on Thursday. I figure out where I'm serving and with whom I will be serving tomorrow. So wish me luck. 

From mom to Tessa

So I'll be spending Christmas in a different place with different people. Yes, I've started twelve days of Christmas! It is so fun each night to turn on christmas music and our lights and open two presents. S. Kartchner loves it. 

 Anyways, this week Sister Kartchner and I taught 25 lessons! Some of them are just prayers with people on the street. But, still that is like unheard of in Hong Kong. So that's pretty cool. But, we haven't been able to see Sister L. or C.. They are just waaay too busy, so I don't know what to do. But, I guess Sister Kartchner can decide now. haha. We did see J. and S. though.

Well, so Christmas is coming up. I'm sending a package to you all today. It's way awesome stuff. I don't think it will arrive in time though. Speaking of Christmas, I'm excited to talk to you..I'll let you know details on Monday hopefully.  Okay, I love you all. Happy Birthday. You all look great in your pics

Tessa and Sophia Christmas 99
Please Send extra prayers for Sister Hadley this week as she transfers one week before Christmas

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