Thursday, July 30, 2015

This week has been the biggest bag of ups downs and upside downs. haha we have had some really awesome miracles, but have had some tension in our companionship and a few arguments.  Anyways, let's not dwell on the dark side of the moooooon (Mulan reference) we've had some really great little miracles this week! The best of which being our new absolutely golden investigator,  ---- -!!!

  ----- is a girl we found out in the pouring rain who was willing to stop and listen to us. Actually rain finding is the best. We find the elect because Chinese people are so scared of rain, so whoever stops and talks to us is humble enough to accept the gospel.    ------- is the cutest most humble little thing! I love her so much and am just so excited for her. When we were out in the rain chatting ,she asked if our church was open and we gave her a tour and taught a lesson on Christ. She said she really wanted to learn more so we met again and showed her the movie, "Finding Faith in Christ". She has been reading and praying as well. The only thing we are nervous about is that her father is a christian of another church. We really hope and pray she doesn't get antied but we are trying to find a time to meet her whole family as well. Pray for her!!

Wow, I'm sure Jack's baptism was just the best! He looks so happy in that pic! It made me cry and he emailed me and told me we could go to the temple together when I get back!! I am SOO excited for that day!!! You guys are awesome. Continue to love and support him. Every recent convert needs three things. You guys already know but 1. a friend 2. a calling/assignment 3. nourished by the good word of god...FHE, scripture reading, institute..etc..
Hey I wonder what Noah is doin these days....

 ------ is back and is stubborn as ever! haha I was so happy to see her again this week. We went to a members house to have FHE with her. Please pray for her to have more faith.

We've had some great family lessons this week as well with part member families and visiting people at their homes, so the Lord is blessing us and we don't even deserve it as a companionship!!

Mom, you are the BEST! I can really tell you are doing such a great job of balancing everybody's needs and schedules and tending to them by giving your best effort. I don't know if you read dad's email or he read yours but he addresses this problem of feeling like our best is not enough or fearing that we are not fulfilling what is required of us. He says: 
  "I recall occasionally being very concerned and worried for my investigators in the mission field.  At times I was a little frantic and nearly worried myself sick when they would miss an appointment or have a spiritual setback.  Frankly I was feeling like their whole welfare was on my shoulders and I worried that I was not up to the task, that I was not adequate or that I would forget something.  What I know now that I didn't realize then was that their ultimate spiritual welfare was not on my shoulders.  Yes I was engaged in the Lord's work which is serious business but it was, after all, his work, not mine.  I was playing an important role being an instrument in his hands, but he was ultimately responsible, not me.  My responsibility was to do all that I could reasonably do with my limitations and the limitations of my companionship and circumstances, not to mention the free agency of my investigators to cooperate with us or not.   HF has a plan to offer the gospel to everyone of his children with or without our help.  So our responsibility is to do all that we can reasonably do, with the emphasis on "reasonable".  Make an offering of your time and talents to serve the Lord, do what you can do, and take joy and comfort in knowing that the Lord stands at the helm of this great work and expects you to experience happiness with your companions and investigators and peace of mind in your limitations.  You are adequate, your companions are adequate, and your investigators will ultimately find peace with the Lord in this life or the next.  Work hard, trust in the Lord completely, choose to be happy in your circumstances and with your limitations and other's limitations, and the Lord will bless you with the knowledge that he has accepted your gift of devotion and service."
Keep reading the scriptures daily and he will guide and direct you!!!

you guys are awesome. Keep doing family prayer and scripture reading each day. It will bless Jack as well as he continues to learn and progress in the gospel:))))
Sister Ha

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