Monday, August 3, 2015

Ying Ying my Siu pahngyauh, Tiff comes to town!, Jazzy Hymns‏

Hello Bahba, Mahma, gaje, mui muih, sailou!
This week was pretty good. We had a lot of great things this week. We also had a bit of unfortunate news so we'll just get that out of the way now. We think ___ got Antied :( She just keep hanging up on our phone calls and we haven't seen her the whole week. So Yeah I was pretty bummed about that. To say the least. But to make up for it, we had a better week as a companionship.

Siu pahngyauh means child in chinese, but the direct translation is little friend. And that she was! Ying ying was a little girl that sat behind me on the bus one day. She was the most adorable thing ever!!! Right when I said hi to her she just went off like a rocket asking me questions and telling me about where they are going what they are doing, her family, her name it. haha we were insta  best friends. I thought only phiphs could make friends with somebody that quickly. I will never forget little yingying she made me soo happy! too bad her parents didn't leave their number or anything. its okay. I'll find her again!

T., my member from Sha Tin has been living in our apartment this week and it has been so fun to be with her. She is doing the missionary program where they act as full time missionaries for two weeks. She will be here this week as well. She is my best buddy/chinese twin! We also have another summer missionary with us so that makes six people in the tiniest apartment ever. Needless to say, I get kind of claustrophobic at times!!

This email is from my trainer. She is the best.  A sweet letter from Tessa's trainer followed.  We are so grateful she was sister Ha's trainer.


____is doing well. She has come to lots of activities and church and has been gaining more friends.
Thank you sooo much for the package! You know all my favorite candies, mom! Made me so happy. P.S. I'm not a bit upset that rachel is living in my room or that you smelled my dirty laundry bwahaha.
Dad, i want you to send more missionary stories! Every night I pray to become as good of a missionary has you wereSmiling face (black and white)
Love you all. I'm doing good and Heavenly Father answers my prayers every. single. day.
Especially with my favorite scripture this week. 1 Ne 20: 15-17.

P.s. I will go on exchanges with sister Kartchner this week! and we have zone conference and mission tour. it will be a fun week!

pps tell grandmas (both) I amsending letters soon. and i am sorry.

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