Tuesday, July 14, 2015

 You all look great! Thanks for the photos. Phiphs, Leih pihngsih hai bindouh haih huhngsik tauhfaat ge gwaimuih?!! hahaha (Since when have you been a little ginger white girl?) That's what  people call foreigners here. Gwai muih or gwai lou. ha. You're having JEFFE over for FHE?! fun!! I'm not mad, that'll be awesome! He was such a great missionary here so I'm sure he'll have lots of great stories. Invite Jack! or Corndog. I'm so excited that Jack is getting' baptized so soon! Have you seen him at all lately? Have him over with missionaries or his girlfriend for FHE or somethin. 

H. Family: we visited a less active and her husband last night. The dad reminded me a lot of you, Dad. He was the most humble sweetest guy ever and just needs the gospel so badly. It was kind of a poignant (is that how you spell it?) moment on my mission because I remember bearing my testimony about the BOM and how it can bring unity and blessings to their family. I even started to cry and i think it totally weirded them out. But I just wanted the blessings for them so badly. It's sad when people don't fully understand the way the gospel can bless their lives. You just want to trade them positions for a few days so that they can see it from your perspective. We hopefully will visit them next week.

 I had a pretty strong feeling to go less active finding the other day even though we had planned regular finding. I told my comp and she wasn't so happy about it, but we still went. And good thing! We found our less active's 23 yr old son, J. We taught him for like almost two hours outside of his door. Mostly in English because his English was hou jehng. He is still trying to decide whether or not to believe in God , but it really has been a cool experience teaching him about the plan of salvation and the atonement. I hadn't explained that in English for a looming time. So it felt good. It's just so interesting sometimes how people can't accept it even though it makes sense 100%. We had another lesson with him to turn him over to the elders and he has already softened his heart a bit.

Stinky British Dog: An old man yelled at me and called me a stinky British dog. That is a stinky AMERICAN dog, thank you very much.

Typhoon 8: We were locked in our apartments for a few hours this week because of the big bad (only sprinkling a little rain) typhoon level eight. They even texted us to tape our windows. haha. I think it rained for like five minutes. 

Time is getting shorter out here in the mission field and I just wanted to express how grateful I am  for it. Even if it is hard, I have strengthened my testimony of Christ and the restoration immensely. I'm so grateful for the BOM. I know its true without a doubt. It has brought such comfort and peace and answers to me during my mission. I love that book so much! I'm grateful for the anchoring assurance of the truthfulness of the gospel. It is a sense of belonging I have taken for granted throughout my life. But now I know how lucky I am. Thank you for all of your great testimonies strengthening mine!!!
My favorite scripture for the week D&C 88:77-80...When we truly try to diligently teach and learn the gospel, it enhances our understanding in other aspects of our lives and prepares us for other "missions" the Lord will call us on later in our lives.
Sista HA

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