Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tessa sent a wonderful letter this week.  They are being blessed in their work.  Her letter was just a little too personal and witty to share publicly but if any family wants it just email her mom.

This week I've really realized a weakness I need to over come: this weakness is not being able to find a balance between working hard, using time wisely, developing talents, skills, language and being relaxed/enjoying my time. It drives me crazy because I feel like there is just an ongoing battle constantly between these two very different frames of mind. I want to be lighter and more accepting of things because I know it will make me happier and have the spirit more easily, but then I want to give all I have to work hard and be exactly obedient and learn the language and develop skills. I just for some reason feel like I can't accomplish both at the same time. I don't know what to do.

Today we go to the temple and have interviews with President Lam, so no rest for this pday, but it should be good. I'm trying to think of a question to ask Pres Lam. Any thoughts?
 I love you all, thanks for the emails and prayers and putting my name in the temple. My very favorite scripture of the week is D&C 6;13-16. Some times we don't realize the Lord has been leading us up to this point and time in our lives the whole time. This is a great scripture to keep in mind. We are going to use it for __tonight. P.S., mom thanks for the suggestion on asking __ to pray for me! It totally worked because when we were talking on the phone she explained that only my prayers were useful and heard. I asked if she had been praying for Sister Ha and she said yes and I had told her the difference I felt! Prooved her wrong!

Sista Ha
No pic this week so DSU Cross Country

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