Monday, August 10, 2015

Monkey Mountain.  Well, at least she is taller than the monkeys.

This week has been a nice break with lots of meetings and companion exchanges.
President Gong, area president of the Asian missions came and spoke to us for mission conference and mission tour. so basically mission tour is just when they have cool leaders like that come speak. big news is that by next April Hong Kong is going to add two more stakes. There are four at the moment. Way cool!! It was fun to be with other missionaries.
Compin with the Kartchner was literally the biggest fresh of breath air. It was so needed and was a huge blessing to me. We taught a lot together and I got to see what an absolutely amazing missionary she has become. talked a lot about my companionship and she gave me some good advice. Man, I just love that sister!!!
Last monday I literally got dissed like three times by some sassy old ladies telling me how bad my skin was and that I need to take a shower once I get home. haha good thing I'm used to how blundt they are here.
___is our new awesome investigator.  Kwai Fong sisters found her for us. She came to church with us and is totally great! She is super smart and wants to learn the gospel. She also agreed to baptism. She has had some really hard things in the past. 
The other night while saying my nightly prayers, I just realized how lucky I am to be here and that Heavenly Father is slowly but surely changing me and answering my prayers. I realize how much I love the people of Hong Kong and hope that feeling can stay with me forever!
Anyways, thanks for all your emails and love and support. You guys are awesome. Do you ever get chances to teach with the missionaries? is rachel open to seeing them>? 
Love you all
Sister Ha
ps both grandmas letters are in the mail.
pps Jazzy hymns is a reference to a hymn I sang jazzily haha at our ward talent show

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