Monday, March 2, 2015

Magadang Umaga! Alipao Ji Muih, Elder Ballard,‏

Hello, I just listened to "Soul Man" in the Apple Store. Remember we sang that in Caleb's band that I literally can't remember the name of right now and its driving me crazy? ha
Magadang Umaga (goodmorning) in Cebuano because my comp is a cute little Filipino.  Okay, she is still taller than me, but still cute. Her name is Sister Alipao and she is a very humble missionary. A little shy and a timid, but willing to learn and has a POWERFUL testimony. I've already learned so much from her! She has been so patient with me today, especially considering today is her first P-day in Hong Kong and I've gotten us lost. My first day training, I lost my phone and my trainee. So, that was good. haha but it was only for a second. The only chaahm thing is that we don't run in the morning because the first morning we were out running and Sister Alipao stopped pretty quickly. I asked if she was okay and if we should be running and she said. Well, I don't know if I should be running because my mommy told me I have something called asthma? haha she is a cutie.
It's a bit hard for her adjusting here to the food and rush of Hong Kong, but she seems happier each day. I really just hope I am being a good trainer!

"We ate at a member's home today, this is the candy they had laid out for us. They know I'm American. haha"

Speaking of Elder Ballard's visit; it was a really great experience having a prophet of the Lord here. Every time he spoke, the spirit seemed to just flow out of him. The spirit really bore testimony to me that night that what he was saying was true and he really was the Lord's servant. 
 Happy Birthday George!!! Wow, you are fourteen years old! It seems as if just yesterday you were a little ten lb sack of potatos coming' outta mama! haha I'm so glad you are reading the Strength of Youth and making good decisions in your life! That makes me HOU HOISAM SO HAPPY! You are a good good boy. A funny that I thought of the other day was picturing us when we used to have staring contests while forcing our eyes open with our fingers. Ha that hurt so bad! haha luv ya bubba

Y'all are awesome and I love you. please keep praying for me and my new companion and our investigator Mandy!
Ha Leih Sa

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