Monday, March 30, 2015

Ice Ice and Baby dun dun dun dun dun dun dun, Garbage Bin Angels, Can't think of a clever title but M. came to church!

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One of our new investigators name is I. who is a very busy mom. She is extremely outgoing and has a half-shaven head. haha. her little baby is not a year old yet. Pray for her to find time to go to church. In the following letter, I talk about how really prepared she has been by the Lord.

Garbage Bin Angels were more than likely to have helped us out a bit this week. We were finding and heard a huge crash behind us, looked backed to see a homeless man whose garbage bin full of stuff fell over into the a huge dirty puddle into the street. He was a big Chinese man with a little Mohawk and a Hawaiian flower shirt on. We helped him lift this huge garbage bin and mattress that also fell. I bet both grandpas were helping us too little sister missionaries lift, cause they were huge! haha

M. yesterday came to church!!! yay! I think she had a good time and we had some really awesome members, T. (who is my chinese twin) and K. (a recent convert) help fellowship her. Pray for her to know the Book of Mormon is true. 

So, last week, I decided to email Kaylie A. my roomie because she popped into my mind this week. I thought her reply was so funny and sweet (Kaylie is so wonderful; her reply was too personal and funny to share but Tessa LOVED it!!)

I love the camel I think that is funny haha!! I want to extend a missionary invitation to each of you because that's what missionaries do. Share the gospel with a friend this week! Scary! No, easy!! it doesn't have to be anything big but just remember the key to missionary work is inviting!! You guys are already awesome at sharing the gospel so I'm sure you would've done it even if I didn't invite you to do so, but I want to hear about how it goes!

Sophia, you look so dang beautiful in your dance pictures! I can't even believe how scary that must have been to perform a solo you just re-choreographed! You've got guts girl! Even your dance pics make me cry. Can't wait to see you perform when I get home. 
I love you all
Sister Ha

Thaigwokge sihkmaht, Mormonss!, Bee Slayer, M. muhnging ‏(this is the previous week that we hadn't put on yet)

 So we've seen our less-active this week twice. First time she cooked for us Thaigwokge sihkmaht which means  Thai food and it was soo good. Especially this spicy soap (we hope she mean soup) with lemon, cilantro, and chicken. She says she will teach me how to make it. We all watched the restoration movie afterwards and she related her childhood days to those of Joseph Smith's. Last night the Chan family had us and her over for dinner. Supes awesome!
We also had a lesson with M. this week. We reviewed restoration and watched the video. I'm excited for her to pray about the Book of Mormon!!!

On the MTR the other day, I was talking to this girl, but she told me she didn't speak Cantonese. She was from Korea. She had soccer cleats and shinguards on so I stroke up conversation. She was like "Oh, are you guys Christians?" I'm like "yeah, we're missionaries!" She said "Oh, I'm Christian too! wait, but are you guys like real Christian christians?"..."yes?"...." PHEWPH!! I thought you were the Mormons!!" haha. 

Bee Slayer because I caught a huge black ginormous bee in our apartment. As apartment leader I felt the obligation to do so.

Basically, this is a short email but next week will be longer. I love you all and I love reading the funnies! However, I don't think a lot of them happened? like drawing a bird with makeup on the toilet paper roll?? haha
The Book of Mormon is real and true and awesome!! Where are you guys reading together?

Sis Tess Me Ha

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