Friday, March 20, 2015

How do you celebrate Hump Day on a mission????!!!!!! ‏

Can you show a missionary in their PJs?
I will tell you how!!! Yesterday was a day chalk full of miracles!! It was such a tender mercy and more than likely a good sign that this next nine months will be bring many more miracles.

Yesterday, we had a great lesson with our less-active Sister J. from Thailand, who we will eat rice with tonight. She is doing awesome!! In my letter to President Hawks I tell about a miracle she expressed in church. Super awesome. One of the best moments being our Less Active bearing testimony in her spiritual thought in gospel principles class. She told about the what she called the miracle when one day she prayed to Heavenly Father to help her find a way back to church. It had been over ten years since she had attended, but the Lord softened her heart and she kneeled down to say this prayer. She told Heavenly Father she didn't know where the church was or how to get back. That same day, she opened her front door and saw two missionaries standing outside her door about to knock! Wow, the spirit really led Sister Christensen and I that day. We asked all about her family and she LOVED showing us pictures haha it actually took quite some time to get into the lesson. 

After that, we went finding and both Sister Alipao and I had the same impressions to go to the same two places. The first girl we met, I tell in the following letter, but I just want to express that it was one of the most tender mercies and greatest experiences I've had. I cannot express the love I felt Heavenly Father had for that sweet girl. She offered the prayer when we invited her to pray, and even though I couldn't understand her slurs and speech impediments the spirit was so strong. After we met her, I was so incredibly grateful that Heavenly Father led me to her. At that moment, I truly didn't even care about all the hard times  I've had to go through on my mission to get to her. None of them mattered. It was all worth it. I will never forget that experience.We met a girl about our age with mental disabilities, and although she didn't have the need for baptism, we got to pray with her for her first time praying to Heavenly Father. I will never forget the love Heavenly Father had for her that I could feel so strongly

The next woman I also wrote about in the following letter. She had the most humble sweetest spirit about her. The next woman we met was also Mandarin speaking. Wow, we are just filling up these mandarin Sisters' pool of investigators like CRAZY!! haha I told my comp we had better start learning some Mandarin because apparently that is part of our calling here as well. haha. The next woman we talked to was probably I think the most prepared person for the gospel I have ever met. She is from mainland China, but studies in Hong Kong. She was the kindest, most humble, and accepting person. She prays, but doesn't know to whom. We are so excited to give her number to the Mandarin Sisters.

I love you all and just read your funnies letter haha hilarious.
Sister Tessie Me Ha
Tessa's middle name is Marie but when she was very little she would say her name was "Tessa Me Hadley therefore she is now Tessa Me Ha.  hahaha

Grey text are excerpt from her weekly letter to the Mission President and are added to shed light on some of her stories.  This blog is meant to keep in touch with family and friends and share Tessa's missionary testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is kept by her family she does not ask us to keep a blog or tell us what to add from her letters. Missionary work is a miracle!

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