Monday, February 2, 2015


Queen of Hong Kong
On Monday we hiked Lion's Rock!!! It was seriously the most incredible view I've eva seen. That was way cool. This week we've been doing like a semi-english fast because Sis Chris and I haven't been very committed to it..:( I'm in a language rutt ruttnow)HAHA...I feel like I'm not learning anything new and haven't been able to communicate very well. But, we've still had lots of blessing for it.  The biggest was the family we met and took to English class! I will always remember them!  One of the little girls in the cute family was named C. and she was seven. She took right to me and laughed at everything I didn't know how to say in Cantonese. She was sooo cute and just took my hand in the MTR station so we were just walkin hand in hand the whole way. haha. Then the little boy J. was five and I got to help him during English class! They had such a sweet spirit about them and I pray and pray we can see them again.  Our investigator N.  came to church and I think she really liked it. She is so shy and lives by herself but it was really good she had so many people come up and talk to her. 

(Part of sis Ha weekly letter to her mission Pres) Sister Christensen and I have seen soo many people with connections to the church this week while finding more than ever. And I don't doubt that it has been a result and blessing of our English fast we've been doing this week with this Tai Wai sisters. We met a woman that lived in New York who met missionaries and now has a copy of the BOM, a man who's aunt lives in Salt Lake City brought him to church before, a lost sheep, a friend of a member in the Tai Wai ward, the mom of one of our members, and more. Another huge blessing was that our not-yet-progressing investigator called us and told us she asked her boss to get work of for Sunday! One great miracle that happened this week was a girl who actually gave us the wrong phone number. But, it turns out the person with the phone number we called actually really wants to meet with the mandarin sisters haha after I explained what we were all about. haha It was really cool. 

This is Sha Tin

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