Sunday, January 25, 2015

Today was temple/p-day. The celestial room in the temple was awesome because I can always feel so much peace there.

 While emailing, this weird guy sat by me and was trying to tell me all this weird things and started telling me what our church was all about and how we are extremists and yatayatayata..I finally just told him well everyone has their own opinion but we know it's true and that's why we're here. He got pretty upset and telling me how he is "The man of wisdom" and is so much older than me and started sticking his hands all in my face and everything so we just left haha. #inevitablemissionarymoments. 

Anyways then I got my haircut! She cut off more than I wanted but i still really like it. I think she cut off five inches. Then we were planning for a less-active we were going to see that night and suddenly a scripture popped, like literally just randomly popped into my mind about the guy who builds his house upon the rock and the guy who builds his house upon the sand. So I was like okay let's use this scripture, but didn't know where to find it. I picked up my BOM and opened up to a random page and the first scripture my eyes hit was that exact scripture! It was seriously the most bizarre/inspired moment of my life haha. So when we used it in her lesson she kept reading it over and over again so hopefully she found something in there. And I bet she did, cause she came to church!! good thing I also had the impression to call up a last minute member to help us teach her because we literally did not understand one word she said. She spoke mandarin most the time and if she spoke Cantonese, it had the heaviest accent. haha.  

The next day we visited"another less-active" that was actually a fully-active member haha oops. These records aren't very up to date.  That day we also found two people on the street. One was Chloe who is super cute and 24 she was really interested in the BOM and actually asked us if she could keep it which NEVER happens. She was going to come to church but didn't. It's okay we will call her. The next person was a Christian pastor. She kindly didn't take our flier haha so we were about to leave when she said "I really hope you two girls find the real God." Oh no you didn't, Sista! ha I told her about the BOM and she really did not like that. She kept telling us how dangerous it was for us to be reading that book and how wrong it is but that she had never read it. haha. When Sister Christensen started whipping out references in the bible we decided we had better just leave. so I just bore my testimony and left. haha.
Today we taught english class and only two people came. Benny and miranda. Benny is a very old like late sixties man with his four year old daughter miranda!  Benny and miranda are actually really cute. I think her mom left them and they are just so humble and sweet. She looks like little sister Hadley in Chinese form haha.

A talk that I've been reading this week is I think it's called "Are We Not All Beggars?" given in the most recent conference address by Elder Jeffery R. Holland. It is super good and reminds us that we need to always be aware of those that are around us in need.

Thank you all for your prayers and support!

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