Saturday, February 21, 2015

Schooling School Boys, Biking the Boardwalk, Let the Holy Spirit Guide, Hot Pockets, and Tsang Gatihng la!

"No hard feelings little Pidgy, love Midgy"

The other day we were stopped at a crosswalk while finding. Three teenage boys stood behind us. I knew they were talking about us but couldn't tell what they were saying until I heard chehgaau la(cult). I turned right around and said "Oh, you've seen missionaries before?!" All three of their mouths dropped. haha. They were pretty embarrassed. Finally one said, "You speak chinese?!" haha so we talked for a quick minute and left them each with fliers and non-culty impressions haha. My comp thought I was pretty cool after that.

Another funny story:
It was a bit nippy outside so I ripped out the handwarmers. I shook one up and took it out finding. About an hour later, we were talking to a teenage girl we met on the street. When I reached in to get my planner out of my pocket, I forgot the handwarmer was still in there. It was pipin'! I did a little mid-sentence scream/gasp. haha. My companion and her just laughed at me. But she probably thought i was a bit crazy and was keeping a pet hampster in my pocket that had just bit me or something. haha it was really funny and awkward.

Let the Holy Spirit Guide: I feel like I did a pretty good job at following the spirit this week. During finding and in lessons. Especially with that less-active I was talking about. Heavenly Father gave me the exact words to say to her it seemed. Also, this week we heartattacked a lady in our ward (putting hearts on her door and leaving a treat I think is what she means) who is going through some really tough things. We didn't get a lot of dinner time, but it was still a nice idea.

 Another cool thing was that one day when we were at another crosswalk, this boy kept standing really close to us and staring at our nametags. It was a bit weird, but I'm glad that sis Chris finally said hi because he turned out to be really needing someone to talk to and now he is the Elders' awesome investigator la. 

We did an English fast this week and did a lot better than last week. I still feel like i don't know enough as I should know, but whatevs. Did grandma get the letter i sent her?  Also, Dad, I want to know more about your mission stories and feelings out in the field. Maybe you could send me some copies of your journal or type them out?

I'm so happy that T. Family came to English class! Pray for them! I'm also really sad that we have to turn S. over. But it will probably be better for her to learn the gospel in Mandarin. You could start putting Sister N. name in the temple and pray for me to know what she is saying. I got your little vitamin/valentine package. thanks soo much!
I love you all. Also pray for me not to be grumpy and to be happier:)
Sis Ha

She said they made these (probably for Chinese New Year)

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