Sunday, January 4, 2015

BOM goes to Mainland and Happy B-day mom....

Taught a family lesson, a couple from mainland, by the river. They didn't know Cantonese but the woman's English was perfect. We taught about the Book of Mormon and she seemed really interested. I gave her my Book of Mormon because we didn't have any simplified versions. She also told us that her child had passed away and we were able to bear testimony of eternal families. She really appreciated that and said she would definitely read the Book of Mormon. The only thing is that they are quickly going back to mainland and don't have a cell phone number for Hong Kong, so we were not able to get that. But, they've got the truth in their hands now!

 One unfortunate event that happened this week was that my wallet got stolen on the MTR. So, it will take a while to replace everything in there, including my ID card. But, its okay, it will all work out in the end. But, it was kind of cool that I didn't react in the way that I probably would've before my mission. I was okay. Because there are more important things to worry about on a mission. So we just kept finding ha.

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