Monday, June 22, 2015

Make a penny, birth her up, all week long you'll have good luck! haha Sorry that's kind of gross. But true, this week I have been really blessed by Heavenly Father! I found out I would be in a tri-companionship with,  the other apartment sisters. But just for a week. I get a new companion next Thursday.

I was so nervous for this tri-companionship thing and after we got transfer assignments, President Hawks sent us all a txt basically saying "Sorry, trios are hard, but I hope you can take the opportunity to develop your unity in the apartment. It's just a week so tough it out." haha It really has been good and actually I think President Hawks was really inspired it's a good short time to build unity and trust.  And it actually has been really fun with the other sisters. Please pray for me and my next companion.

Something cute this week was when A. told me that her dog (whom is  her best friend) Gam Sa was healed through my prayers. haha he hadn't been able to get up and walk the past few days, but then when I told her I would pray for him, the next day he jumped up and started walkin' again. haha she was soo happy! 

It makes me kind of sad and a little homesick that I can't be with you all at the welcoming of Penny Lane into our lives, but I will be home pretty soon I guess. She is a cute little bundle of red hair! I love you all and am grateful for the chance to become a better sister, daughter, friend, and now auntie! during this time in HONG KONG. keep up the good work. Thanks for helping the missionaries mom:) 
Sister Ha.

P.S. I know Penny won't see me til december but I want her to call me Leng Leng you can just plant that in her little brain now so she will say it when I get home. Translation: beautiful mother's younger sister...pronunciation: Lang Lang yee yee
Tessa is now a first time Aunt

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