Monday, June 15, 2015

Sleepover with Sister Kartchner, jing yi, Monkey Station!, Faithened heart, yiht dou sei‏

This week has been a lot better. Spoken nothing but chinese with my comp and its fun to joke around with her in chinese. This week Heavenly Father sent me the best little tender mercy eva!!! Sister Kartchner came and slept over at our apartment for companion exchanges. So I wasn't her companion but she was with me in our apartment. It was so fun and we laughed for ever and ever just talking about all the funny moments in Kwai Fong. She is seriously the best and I am so grateful Heavenly Father sent her this week. I totally felt like myself again. 

Our investigators are okay. I'm kind of struggling to know what their needs are and how I can attend to them. It really frustrates me because I can't think clearly a lot and especially during studies. I try to receive revelation for them but feel like some big wall is blocking any sort of revelation. However, I did have a pretty cool experience this week during studies. I was just reading along and could actually FEEL my faith in Jesus Christ increasing. haha I don't really know how to explain but it was cool and moments like those are like where I think I'm just grateful I made the decision to come here. Even if its hard. 

Received your package and letters. Thank you so much! How did you know I needed two new water bottles?! haha but really my other one has mold. Glad to hear George's back is doing better. And Cody and Connor graduated. Glad to hear Amanda has been visiting.  I'm sorry you have all been sick though! That stinks. There is a big breakout in the area i serve actually and so everyone wears masks and one day literally no one wanted to talk to us because they were scared we would breathe on them. 

Pray for C. to have more courage and express her faith in Christ, Pray for A. to feel and find an answer to her prayers, pray for K. to not be scared to pray (especially kneeling down haha)

This week we saw a bunch of monkeys at the bus stop! it was soo cool. They were just crawling' around the garbage cans and screaming' at people walking by. It was a good conversation starter for the people we were standing in line with. 

This week I could also feel my cantonese improving! Way cool! Finding miracle for the week: we always find along the pier. It is beautiful. I saw a girl sitting pretty close to the waterside. So I asked her how her day was and she immediately started crying and said her day wasn't very good. Turns out she just broke up with her boyfriend and so we talked to her for a while and prayed with her. Even though she doesn't live here we still gave her to the other sisters and they started meeting with her!

love sista Hadley

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