Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day!!!

This week, we've found some miracles on the street and taught some super awesome lessons with the spirit. This morning I was praying so hard to have a good phone call and feel light-hearted and that's exactly how it went. I was so grateful to talk to you all and I guess the next time I will hear your voices is in the airport in seven months. haha...Thank you so much for the birthday presents I am wearing them right now and have already gotten lots of compliments! Way to have great sense of style, Mom! I also got both grandmas' birthday cards, so if you could thank them for me, that'd be totes appreciated. Signin out.

Sister Hadley

P.S. This picture is of me and T. my ward member who is my bff and chinese twin

Sister Ha's email is short this week because she was able to call us on Mother's Day.  It was sooooo wonderful to hear her voice!!!  Her birthday is this week and she opened her present while on the phone with us.  Aria was able to be home so it was like having the whole family together.

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