Monday, April 27, 2015

Mango Floats! Feih jai (Fat Boy), Munk ge mouhdouhje, Lost Uncle,‏

Thank you so much for your emails this week. They lifted my spirits and comforted me. Yes, we've had a bit of a dip in the work or at least as far as our investigators go. We haven't seen M. still this week but we bumped into her on the road. She seemed a bit embarrassed to see us, but it was okay we just chatted and tried to schedule her again but she said she is real busy and needs to look at her schedule first. I. has been sick. Okay pretty much everyone here is sick right now. Even Sister Cotton in our apartment. So we haven't seen I. either, but she said she prayed with her daughter! That may sound like a very small thing but it was huge to us! haha
We've taught some pretty good lessons while finding though. Especially when I remember to give Sister Alipao a chance to talk... my bad. 

Mango floats because Sister Alipao tauht me how to make a philippino dessert and its like the most delicious manna from heaven you ever tasted. We made it on P-day then fed everyone at district meeting for Elder Van Orman's birthday. He is our zone leader and the missionary in our ward as well. This week we have soooo many elders going home. Both the elders in our ward are about to go home as well. 

Feih jai because their this lady and her fatty pug dog that we always pass when we're out finding. We finally stopped and talked to them and i asked her what her dog's name was. She said it was chi chi or something but I just told her I'd call him fat boy (feih jai) and she gladly accepted the name. Haha we gave her a flier and hopefully get to see pohpo and feih jai again soon. 

Munk ge mouhdouhje means that we have an investigator who used to live a munk life style for five years then applied to a Catholic nun school but whose application got rejected. So yeah our lesson with her was kind of weird because she is super intense but really nice as well. But I could surprisingly understand everything she was saying so that's good. Her name is D. and she has actually met with missionaries before but stopped meeting with them because she choose Catholicism. But I guess the Lord is just giving her another chance  at it?

Lost Uncle because we had a way cool experience that I forgot to email about last week. We were out one day doing "Talk to people who are wearing our two favorite colors: blue and pink finding" (Yeah, we do lots of finding here) haha but it actually was successful because we were walkin' along talkin' to people wearing pink and blue and I saw a girl walking really quickly out of the corner of my eye who was wearing a pink jacket. She was out of our path and kind of further away, but I decided to go quickly talk to her anyway because well, she was wearing pink? haha she quickly waved us away and kept walking. A minute later we heard someone runnning up to us. It was the girl in the pink jacket. She seemed kind of shaken and explained to us that she had lost her handicapped uncle (or rather he had gotten lost) Their whole family was out looking for him the whole day because he didn't come home after work the night before. She told us she had seen missionaries before and knew that we were here to help and serve so that's why she asked us! We told her we would help her find him and together said a prayer. We searched the streets of Sha Tin for a loooong time but no luck. During that time however, I really think we were able to comfort her and help her increase her faith in the prayer we said and that God would find him. We kept telling her that Heavenly Father knew exactly where he was and he would be okay. The next day we got a text from her telling us they found him. I called her and we set a time to go eat lunch:) It's just a little pink miracle!

You guys are doin' awesome and I'm so excited to talk to you on mothers day!!! I find out tomorrow whether or not I will stay with Sister Alipao, or move, or have a new comp. I had a dream Sister Killpack was my new comp so we'll just have to see:) I love you all so much.
Sista Ha 


This week we had exchanges and it was a nice break. I went to Tai Wo which is a beautiful place. It's actually in the new territories so a lot more greenery very suburb. My comp was Sister Taylor who played soccer on Celtic Storm for a long time as centre mid so we've probably like pulled each others hair or something.(Sis Ha also played center mid)  She is way fun and it was so nice to be with her. 

Since she hasn't sent us any pics in a month we will use an old soccer photo

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