Monday, April 13, 2015

Baptist Battle, Keychains, Lipstick C., Lost Goats, Conference!‏

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Baptist Battle because we got chewed out by two baptists on the street. haha What can ya do? Basically everyone is Sha Tin is Christian so maybe I just need to do a little brushin' up on my biblical yihngsik. All you can do is bear testimony because that truly is our most powerful weapon. You can argue and disagree on scriptures but as far as one's testimony is concerned, if it comes from the heart, its' truly unarguable. 

Key chains because we met this cute thirteen year old girl named J. on the street who told us about her mom living in the hospital for a long time because of some kind of brain damage? She was so sweet and before we left pulled out two little key chains she made from her purse and gave them to us. So cute. Lipstick C. because we met a mom with bright pink lipstick. The spirit was really strong when we talked to her. She is going through a divorce and felt that God had forgotten about her. We were able to comfort her and get her number so I really hope we can meet with her again. 

Yesterday in between sessions of conference, I went up to one of our members that we scheduled to meet after the last session just to kokdihng or make sure we would still meet with her. She is quite the character and loves to speak English.  She is an older lady who lives with her two dogs and last week asked me if maybe God was upset with her for giving so much attention to her dogs? haha We assured her that He loved her dogs too, and she was committing no unpardonable sin of the sort. haha So she told us she would have to cancel our meeting because her two sons came to town to visit her. I asked about their situation and whether or not they were members as well. From her English explanation of them, I think it's safe to assume they are less-actives? haha She called them her Lost Goats. bwahaha I busted up laughing and explained to her that it was Lost Sheep then we busted up laughing together. (of course Tessa knows how this feels I'm sure it happens all the time with her Cantonese.)

So Sister Nuttall called me last night and told me about a man that came up to her yesterday during conference and asked where Sister Hadley was. She told him I moved to Sha Tin and he explained that he was her Aunt Lori's convert. He had to leave real quickly to go sit down, so I guess Sis Nuttal didn't get his name or anything but she said she saw him go sit down with his hanhgfuk ge gatihng, his cute family to watch conference. Super cool! I wish I would've been there. I really hope I can meet him one day.

Conference was really good. Suuper focused on families. Some of my favorite talks were David A. Bednar's talk on fear and how "Godly fear dispels mortal fears", The talk on the Choice to Believe about the girl named Sailor, and Elder Holland's talk on the resurrection and atonement. I think it's really sad that a few people chose not to sustain the prophets and apostles. In my journal I wrote, " Prophets and apostles are so legit. You can really just feel their power and authority when they speak. its really sad that there were people at the conference center that day that opposed sustaining the prophet and quorum of the twelve. It made my heart really sad. It really means Christ's coming is getting closer. The only thing we can do is make sure our own personal Testimony is as solid as a rock. We don't need to worry about anything else if we have a steadfast and immovable foundation of testimony towards not only Christ but His restored church. That is why it is important to maintain and nourish our testimonies each and every day through scripture study and daily prayer."

Sis Ha

President Holland's Talk

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