Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The story of Abinadi and his missionary service hit close to home because of what happened as a result of his preaching. Although, through Abinadi’s efforts only one of King Noah’s priests, Alma, chose to be converted to Christ and listen to his teachings, he ultimately helps hundreds and thousands come unto Christ through this one convert. After Alma flees from the king and his priests he invites others to come with him and passes along what he had learned from Abinadi’s  counsel. This group, later on, all become baptized and as Alma continues to be faithful throughout his life, his son Alma the younger is also converted and becomes an amazing missionary tool in converted the thousands of lamanite people unto Christ.
As a missionary in Hong Kong, baptisms were not necessarily overflowingly abundant. The people there are predominantly practicing Buddhists. It was difficult to find people to teach and when we did, it was hard for them to find time amongst the hustle and bustle the city had to offer each working person and family. Although the amount of people I taught who had actually received baptism was few in number, I continue each day to see the fruits of those who did decide to follow Christ and join the church. As they continue to influence their families and those around them, our teaching the gospel truly becomes a seed planted.
One of the many people in Hong Kong that I love dearly and was fortunate enough to teach throughout their investigation of the church was a woman named Winnie and her son, Sam. Although it took them a year and a half to finally accept baptism, as I continue to keep in contact with them, I realize how the gospel has influenced the rest of their family and hope to see Sam go on a mission in a few years to share with others how the gospel has blessed him and his family. We never know how much good our service is going to actually end up doing in the world, as the gospel is a stone cut out of the mountain continuing to roll on throughout time.
I’m grateful for Abinadi’s example, for I feel that he truly knew that success is only something given of God and does not measure our diligence, faith, or obedience as a missionary of the Lord.

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